Lost: Instant Reaction to "Across the Sea"

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There's not much that can be said about this week's episode of Lost other than: WOW.

Actually, there's a lot that can be said, which is why we're hard at work sorting out the answers and mythology-revealing developments that emanated from "Across the Sea." All will be included in our early Wednesday morning recap/review.

Was an episode focused entirely on the story of Jacob and The Man in Black everything you were hoping for?

Or, like me, are you actually a bit disappointed? Something feels amiss and unfair about basing so much of the island's history - and so much of what we've wondered about until now - on a woman introduced on the show's third-to-last episode.

After all, in many ways, this photo represents the most important scene in Lost history... and it's the death of a woman we didn't even know existed until tonight:

Dead Mother

Sound off in the Comments section below and return to TV Fanatic all day tomorrow for in-depth analysis and debate. It's safe to say we have a lot to talk about...

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Unfortunately any of the answers the writers chose to highlight were really non-answers. They don't relate back to anything. Now we have "magic". When did this show become about magic and not faith vs. science. It's a copout that doesn't then have to explain anything. Turning a wheel magically controls magic light. Drinking a magic potion magically makes you responsible for several thousand acres of real estate. Going down a magic river into a hole magically transforms you into magic smoke. Being on the island magically allows you to shipwreck ships, planes or see whatever in your magic lighthouse. You get the point? Utterly a waste. Don't even botter figuring it out - because it doesn't make any logical sense.


This episode was too bad... It doesn`t give us any answer :S
Just more, and more, and more questions...
The things they revealed we all already know for just sense or for spoilers... This was a piece of shit episode... I was hoping they said MiB name, who is their "mother" for real and WHAT THE HELL IS THE ISLAND!


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Find a suitcase. If there's anything you want in this life, pack it in there, because you're never coming back.

Ben [to Jack]

Why there is a dead Pakistani on my couch?

Hurley's mom