Lost: Instant Reaction to "Across the Sea"

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There's not much that can be said about this week's episode of Lost other than: WOW.

Actually, there's a lot that can be said, which is why we're hard at work sorting out the answers and mythology-revealing developments that emanated from "Across the Sea." All will be included in our early Wednesday morning recap/review.

Was an episode focused entirely on the story of Jacob and The Man in Black everything you were hoping for?

Or, like me, are you actually a bit disappointed? Something feels amiss and unfair about basing so much of the island's history - and so much of what we've wondered about until now - on a woman introduced on the show's third-to-last episode.

After all, in many ways, this photo represents the most important scene in Lost history... and it's the death of a woman we didn't even know existed until tonight:

Dead Mother

Sound off in the Comments section below and return to TV Fanatic all day tomorrow for in-depth analysis and debate. It's safe to say we have a lot to talk about...

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If you want your child to live, every time you hear whispers, you run the other way.


You know, maybe if you ate more comfort food you wouldn't have to go around shooting people.