Lost Series Finale: Sound Off Now!

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The end has come.

After six incredible, exhilirating, ambitious seasons, Lost concluded its iconic run tonight.

It was a two-and-a-half episode chock full of enlightenment, resolutions and action - and we're still trying to wrap our minds around it all.

As I work on my detailed recap and review of the series finale, I want to know your instant reaction to the show: WHAT DID YOU THINK OF THE FINALE?

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no there bodies were all near the crash sight every thing after that wasnt real ie no dharma no others nothing just the imagination of jack as he died


I hated, hated, this finale. It gave no answers and I'm more confused than ever. I reallly think the writers had no idea how to wrap everything up and just put together some mushy crap they thought people would fall for. Terrible, terrible, terrible. I feel let down after watching this show for so long.


no explanations or interpratations are gona make it better the purgatory idea sucks end of story


Awesome ending to an incredible program. To address some of the issues mentioned above: 1. The "Flash Sideways" was a construct of sorts that the characters created in order to meet and reunite upon all of their deaths.
2. Christian is not alive he is dead like everyone else in the church.
3. Everything that happened on the Island happened while the characters were alive. They survived the crash. Jack died as seen at the end of tonight episode, Charlie died when he drowned, Jin and Sun died in the sub, Kate, and Sawyer went on and lived their lives and died later on, Ben and Hurley stayed on the Island to protect it and died at some later date.
4. Kate had to go with Jack over Sawyer because Sawyers true love was Juliette and he was reunited with her. The whole thing was a comment on the enduring nature of love. even in death, the love they had for each other survived. As support for this, notice that although Ben and Hurley mended their relationship, Ben did not join the rest of the characters in the church. I believe that this is a comment on Ben's life. He was an ambivalent character, at times good mostly evil. He redeemed himself at the end of his life, but not enough to "move on" with the rest. He may have needed to stay in the construct or "purgatory" to borrow a Christian idea, or maybe is fate was something worse. In summation: Amazing episode. Fullfilling and fantastic. Far superior to the Sopranos.


they "left" to the next life/heaven is all and good, they die and go to the afterlife to wait for each other, Doesn't do anything to answer the BIG QUESTION "what was the island and who built the stone stopper" really, "A STONE STOPPER" come on!!!!


I loved it until the last 10 minutes. I have watched this from the beginning and was really dissapointed. Soooo Sun is pregnant and Claire has Arron but they are all dead????? I hope the endings on Jimmy Kimmel are better!


Ok I dont understand how you all do not understand the epic AMAZINGNESS of that finale. It ties everything that happened into a neat little bow. It was a great nostalgia trip with parts like Jack and Locke staring down into the cavern like the light from the hatch. And the ending... It's after they are all dead. It doesn't matter when the all died, when they met and became intertwined on the island they stay intertwined forever. The bonds they made carry on and the "Second" life was just a limbo they were in before they could all see the ones they loved and realised that they had already lived and were happy and then they were ready to enter the afterlife. I am not a religious person at all but i still absolutely loved the ending. And Jacks eyes closing with the dog next to him. Priceless. It was just like how the show started, and it closed full circle. I was balling my eyes out at the end because of that. That finale makes the last six years completely worth it.


some of these comments are missing the point. who cares about more dharma info, they did tests and it just another cool interesting part of the show, same with extra characters nobody cared about we found out as much about them and dharma as the main characters did so i am cool with that. If everything was answered it would be pretty dull and lame, like the whispers explanation. all great shows leave a little to think about. Christian is alive like the rest of them in the sideways afterlife too, and the island was real life or thats how i am taking it. Try using a little imagination.


To all you who don't get it: I feel sorry for you, because apparently you've never loved anyone, set foot in a church before, had someone love you, or believed in God, or some higher being greater than yourself. THAT'S WHAT LOST WAS ABOUT!! Our time here on Earth is just a brief moment; we should live our lives and love one another, because there's something greater when we're gone. At least that's what I believe.


I'm mad they didn't answer some of the questions from past seasons, but I knew going into the finale that there wouldn't be any more answers to the more minor questions and I accepted that (although with a little difficulty). I agree that some people died off the island and some people on; the scene in the church was just after all of those people had died. It seems like the "alternate reality" of 815 landing at LAX was purgatory, not the island, because people can and did die on the island. Now I guess Hurley wasn't made immortal because the "light" was off at the time of Jack "now you're like me"-ing him, and so I guess he could die. The only question I'm left with is if Richard, Miles, Daniel Faraday, and Charlotte weret in the church. If they were I missed it.


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Find a suitcase. If there's anything you want in this life, pack it in there, because you're never coming back.

Ben [to Jack]

Why there is a dead Pakistani on my couch?

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