Lost Spoilers: Allison Janney As...?

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As previously reported, Allison Janney will guest star on this week's episode of Lost as... someone.

The former West Wing stalwart - who will appear alongside Matthew Perry on this fall's Mr. Sunshine - will play a pivotal role on "Across the Sea," though the actress (and everyone involved with the show) is mum on what that is.

We had speculated that Janney would portray The Man in Black's mother, as this week's episode explores the relationship between him and Jacob. (Watch a clip from it NOW.)

But this photo makes it appear as though her character is more closely associated with Jacob. Any theories on who she could be?

Allison Janney on Lost

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I heard that Allison 'Granny' Janney is going to be making a series of singing Depends commercials with Harry Connick Jr. Is that true?


If it's Allison 'Granny' Janney, she's playing a supporting role because she's a real B-list actress. Moreover, she's as old as the hills on 'Lost'!
Wait until you see her as Charla Nash in 'Face-Off'.


With just less than two weeks to go, there are still so many questions we have for this show that we love so much. Tonight's episode "Across the Sea" is supposed to give a lot of details on the backstory of Jacob and the Man in Black...but what else is still left in question?


I think she will be either be both their mother or just Jacob's mom.

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