More Grey's Anatomy Sneak Previews: "How Insensitive"

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Thanks to the first sneak preview of this week's Grey's Anatomy, we know what its title, "How Insensitive" refers to. Now, three more just-released sneak peeks give us additional glimpses detailing the action on that and other fronts Thursday night.

In this clip, Richard confronts Derek about balancing priorities as Chief of Surgery. Quite the role reversal here, as for so long it was Derek criticizing Richard.

Now the shoe is on the other foot, and it's not an easy fit ...

[video url="" title="How Insensitive Sneak Preview #2"] [/video]

Follow the jump for two more "How Insensitive" sneak peeks, including one in which the team is thrown off by the lack of sensitivity from the patient himself.

Also, Derek confronts Meredith about revealing some critical information to Owen via her facial expressions. What do you think it was that she gave away?

Check out the Grey's Anatomy previews and comment away:

[video url="" title="How Insensitive Sneak Preview #3"] [/video]

[video url="" title="How Insensitive Sneak Preview #4"] [/video]

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In the episode "How Insensitive" was the 700 pound man really that size or was it a costume?


It is called getting older, and she had a baby


Is it me or has Mer's face looked different ever since season 5???


I know that people can read what I'm thinking by looking at my face, and I hate it. I feel for Mer, she didn't say anything to Owen. She will to Cris!


I don't think Derek was stupid in saying so. Most likely Derek didn't think it was that much of a big deal since Owen didn't really said much to Derek about his relationship with Teddy (What can you infer from 'She'll be fine in the East Coast'?) and I doubt he knows much. Owen doesn't seem the type of person to ramble about his relationships, like Mark may do with Derek. I think that this is more of Meredith's perception since she was the one that witness Owen telling Mark off when talking about Teddy. She may have taken this as a sign that she may be right. This is why I think Derek is mad. He told something 'harmless' to Meredith, who's making a huge deal out of perception and it's costing his job, slowly. I don't think that calling post it will resolve anything. I think Cris will dismiss Mer's comments. She may consider them but will blow them off immediately when Hunt and his violent kisses say something else entirely. Cris has never let Mer influence her much as Mer has let Cris.


maybe this is why Chris and Mer drift apart, if Mer says something Chris may not like it...


Inreresting how so many here know so much about who said what to whom about what based on a promo. LOL Seriously, why not wait until you see the episode in context before being so judgmental people.


@ Me I agree with you. Meredith needs to find a way to express to Owen that he needs to tell Cristina without actually telling Owen she knows what he told Derek. That sounds a little tricky, I know. @ madworld30 The thing about Derek doing what he did to Richard after Meredith told him was different. He didn't do it because Richard was endangering people. Derek did it for the job, he had to admit it to Richard when Richard told him to "look him in the eye" and tell him the truth. This is why Derek is not perfect. He has to actually make mistakes to learn from them; he has like no intuition. He naturally told Meredith about this not thinking she would want to tell Cristina. Someone said earlier how Derek always has to screw up in order to learn which is frustrating, and it is frustrating but it is true. I envy Derek as a person, but his faults are pretty major.


What Meredith revealed in her face (to Owen) was the fact that Derek told her that Owen said Teddy would be ok if Derek did not give her a contract. I can't wait for Cristina to tell Meredith that she actually told Owen to "save" Teddy, but he threw her under the bus.


I agree with JDC's comment that Derek should be able to call post-it in the Owen/Merideth situation. Meredith can say whatever she likes to Owen, as Derek said his peace to Richard...but her saying something directly to Christina is betraying her husbands confidence, even if it is her best friend. Merideth should just make Hunt tell Christina himself.

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