NBC Confirms Cancellation of Heroes

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Heroes has been axed by NBC. It was rumored earlier in the week, now it's official.

The demise of the series, which was still in the running for a fifth season until very recently, feels both shocking and inevitable. It was so good ... then became anything but.

The beleaguered drama only averaged 6.5 million viewers this year, and its last episode ever, February 8, didn't even bring in nearly that many, garnering a mere 4.4 million.

If that doesn't seem low, consider that Season One was not only beloved by critics, but by legions of fans, averaging 14.5 million a week. It just couldn't sustain the magic.

Peter and Sylar

Maybe Peter and Sylar can work construction instead now.

There has been talk that NBC may air a TV movie that allows the producers to wrap up the story, but nothing has been set in stone. NBC will announce its fall lineup Monday.

Are you sad that Heroes has been canceled?

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This really sux, it's as bad as when Fox dropped Sarah Conner Chronicles. They need to take at least enough time to finish it. That would be better than what Fox did to it's SCC fans. Well NBC,I guess your next to go down the tube. You're really messing up your own fan following.


NBC doesn't deserve to have a show like Heroes. Overall even though Tim messed up the show. NBC is still to blame, by letting him go on his rampage of killing off good characters and lazy writing. NBC had a show with tremendous potential to be one of the best show's on TV for many years and blew it! It was the only show of it's kind on TV and their was nothing else like it. I think that is the main reason people are so upset. Because right before are eye's we saw the show going down hill and it didn't need to come to this. If NBC would of just listened to there fans. None of this would of ever happened!


All I can say at this point is
FOX, SyFY, ABC, TNT One of you Networks....PICK THIS SHOW UP....Fan base is there with a strong viewer base, Cut the fat on this show and DO NOT BRING THE WRITERS and ESPACIALLY TIM KRING BACK!!!!!!


im gutted heroes has been axed i know viewing figures have dropped in the US but i think even more so in the UK. putting on series at 10.40pm on a saturday is never going to get viewers.hopefully another channel will pick it up but im not holding my breath.SAVE THE CHEERLEADER.


I can't believe they actually axed this show. Yes these writers made mistakes and screwed the show up. NBC is part to blame for the downfall of this show as well. They could've kept a tighter rain on the writers and what they were doing. It makes me think that they really don't pay attention to thier show's. Otherwise they would of fired Tim after season 3 and brought in someone to revive the show. But it still was a one of kind TV show and it's going to be hard to find something of it's kind to take it's place.
I just hope another network see's the potential of this show and picks it up.


How does a 60% chance of renewal go to 0%! Why give the fans of the show any hope at all by telling them theirs a over a 60% chance of renewal. This just seems to be down right cruel!


2h movie is a joke. There's no way they can wrap the show up in 2h, now with all the plotholes Kring opened with this terrible writing last season. But to all people complaining at NBC... fire your anger at Kring. NBC would keep the show if Kring didn't destroy it.


Keep trashing top shows like this and swear, no one will bother watching anything from NBC because they know for sure, that NBC will cancel the show even if they did maybe have more than 7 million people watching it. Then they go bankrupt, NBC is no more and everybody there becomes homeless peace of shits because they think they know whats best and dont seem to even bother about the fan comments, that may help them in many ways. Fox or orbit or another network should consider a take over of the show. I am sure they will do much better at making shows and themselves more loved by Fans all over the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Why would NBC cancel this show? It's legendary!
I hope that Fox or even ABC take it on because there are still 4.4 million people watching it - thats still a fair amount of people and totally worth keeping it on.
And the story's not even finished!! Are they out of their minds??!


This show has been a potential. I just can't believe that NBC cancel it like that. Well, if NBC doesn't want it, I would hope another network pick it up, like FOX.


Heroes Quotes

Sylar: You're like me.
Peter: I will never let myself become you.
Sylar: You already are, brother.

[after teleporting to NYC] Yatta! Hello New York!

Hiro Nakamura

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