NCIS: Los Angeles Review: "Found"

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Quite a night for Shane Brennan Tuesday. After a terrific NCIS, the executive producer's spinoff delivered a thrilling installment as well, continuing the story of Agent Vaile.

It was back in January that Dom went "Missing," nabbed by Colombian gangsters and handed over to more sinister, unknown captors who evaded the L.A. team's pursuit.

Last night, NCIS: Los Angeles finally revisited the issue of Dom's capture in "Found." The result was non-stop action reminiscent of a big-budget Jerry Bruckheimer film.

Upon receiving a video of Agent Vail being held by Muslim extremists demanding the return of an imprisoned terrorist in exchange, the OSP team sprung into action.

We had barely gotten to know Dom when he vanished, and some say his character was mishandled as a result, his loss clearly weighed on the team, particularly Sam.

Naturally, Sam would have boarded a plane for Africa, where he believed his young protege was being held, instantly had Callen and Hetty not talked him out of it.


Dom was imprisoned by extremists hiding almost in plain sight.

Sam's protective feelings and guilt were on display throughout, showcasing LL Cool J's surprising acting chops as the team raced against a 24-hour deadline to free Dom.

Surprising and captivating scenes weren't in short supply.

Getting one of the suspects to talk by fake-torturing a fellow NCIS agent was a clever ploy, and led Callen to an L.A. financier suspected of funding terrorist dealings.

Also unexpected? The return of Mo, the Sudanese boy mentored by Sam until he was recruited by extremists and returned to his homeland (supposedly) in "Breach."

Mo could clearly be seen on the video sent to NCIS, bringing back even more painful memories for Sam. With time running out, the search grew even more desperate.

But where was Dom being held?

We did not expect that he would be right under their noses in Los Angeles the whole time, although it began to make sense the longer the team stayed in the country.

We also didn't expect Dom to be found, and nearly freed, only to be killed in a firefight, but it might have been more unrealistic to have everyone escape unscathed.

Unlikely as it seemed that their paths would cross, the extremists did open the door by sending the video, and clues did lead to the financier's performing arts center.

The scene were Dom (Adam Jamal Craig) broke free with Mo's help and realized he was right smack in L.A. on the roof was awesome, as was the ensuing shootout.

Callen, Kensi and Sam were their typical bad ass selves during the full-blown gun battle that broke out, with vintage trickery from G., employing the enemy's disguise.

That entire sequence, ending in Dom's death, was startlingly intense. While more could have been done with Dom's character, he certainly went out in a blaze of glory.

Sometimes NCIS: Los Angeles overdoes its action sequences, but given the stakes last night, it felt warranted, and the conclusion both emotional and heart-pounding.

What did you think of the episode? Are you upset Dom was introduced only to be killed? Or did that add to the surprise impact? Share your comments!


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i did like dom but LOVE deeks so i am kinda glad they killed him off cause deeks probaly wouldn't be in the show if he surived!


No Jeanne, you weren't the only one who liked Dom. I can't believe they killed him off. In fact, I think it sucks. I'd gladly accept a medical miracle no matter how far fetched it is to swallow.


I think NCIS:LA is done really well except Im really getting tired of all the muslim terrorists? Why mix religion in all this??


I have to say that I'm really glad they decided to kill this character off. The cast was getting much too large and the herd needed thinning. Dom brought nothing to the place and his role in all the earlier episode was sub-par at best. In addition, the acting skills exhibited by Adam Craig were absolutely atrocious. I'm suprised he lasted this long into the season. Chris O' Donnel (Mind the spelling) has come a long way in his acting skills...(remember Batman Forever...) Part of this is due to hard work. I think Adam Craig needs to take the same path. Go out and develop some decent acting skills and have some credentials before returning to the screen. With the death in the family, perhaps the show can finally find its wings.


Someone suggested that maybe Kensi was in bed with Sam at the beginning when they got the calls... but if you look at the woman in bed with Sam, she's not wearing any top - her shoulders / back are bare. When Kensi gets the call, she's wearing a white tank top. So it can't be her. Also, Sam's room is quiet, and Kensi has a workout video on of some sort, it sounds like. Would have been cool, though, if that had worked out that way! Good episode, though. Bummer that they had to kill off Dom.


Was dis character the real Dom? Jamal Craig? didnt look like him anyways!


I really hated to see Dom killed. If they were going to do that why did they even bother to bring him back. I was sorry they killed him off as I really liked him.


I cried when Dom died. I think we did get to know him, a lot. I mean it's a new show. We barely knew him less than any of the other characters. They better not show his bobblehead again or I am going to lose it.


I also noticed that there was someone lying next to Sam at when he received the call, I think it was Kensi, or they want us to think that way, coz when kensi received her call she was on the on other side of her Bed. hmm?? Killing DOM, It was so predictable but I was hoping they wont do that. Not a good idea, I think.


Yeah, I knew he was a goner when Adam Jamal Craig was deleted from the opening credits. Also, the teaser ads talked about "one of the team" not making it through the whole episode. Producers like Shane Brennan say they like to shake things up and that "no is safe" among the characters, but you noticed it wasn't LL Cool J or Chris O'Donnell who got bumped off. That won't happen until they get bored or their contracts come up for renewal.

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