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NCIS Promo & Photos: "Patriot Down"

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In this week's terrific episode (see our "Borderland" review), it became clear that while Gibbs may not have wanted the details of Abby's cold case to come to light, someone did.

The burning question is who - and how our hero, along with the rest of the team, responds to the shocking revelations from his past in the final two episodes of the seventh season.

Next week's "Patriot Down" picks up where we left off, and involves the death of a colleague that sends more shock waves through the NCIS ranks. Things are getting really heavy.

Here's CBS' first promo for the episode ...

[video url="http://www.tvfanatic.com/videos/patriot-down-promo/" title="Patriot Down Promo"] [/video]

Gibbs says people around him are dying ... who do you think he means? How will this week's case tie in? Click to enlarge some photos from the episode and comment below ...

  • NCIS Team at the Crime Scene
  • Dr. Mallard
  • Ziva and Gibbs Picture
  • Jethro Under Fire

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I hope to god that none of the good characters get killed off the show or i will quite watching it!!!!!!!!!!!!


Can't wait for this episode!! Also I can't wait for the season finale!!!!! :D I wish Vance would just let Gibbs slide and then Vance will get fired and leave forever!!! sorry, im not a huge Vance fan.


I have got to see this!


I would guess that the drug cartel will go after Gibbs or others on the team for a late revenge. Gibbs is being set up, although this had to come to light sometime. Puts a lot of weight on the team and will test Vance's loyalty to Gibbs vs the law before we are done.

NCIS Quotes

Francis: Can I ask you a question, Bishop?
Bishop: Sure.
Francis: You enjoy working for Gibbs? I mean I heard he's tough. A real hard-ass. He's standing right behind me, isn't he?
Bishop: Yeah.

Hey, the Opera is one of the big three!