The Hills is not what you would call a good show, but it does mirror what you see in real life regarding its loser cast. Here's the scoop on last night's episode.
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Which singles were played during the 90210 second season finale? Find out now and even purchase the songs with just a couple clicks of your mouse.
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Are you ready for Glee to go Gaga? You simply must check out the outfits and the songs on tap for next week's new episode of Glee.
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This week on "Team Braverman" Haddie and Amber get into a physical altercation, which divides their family. Jasmine goes on a dance audition, which might have her move to New York.
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The first installment of a two-part NCIS season finale, "Patriot Down," involved a murder investigation that is once again linked to none other than Gibbs.
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Did Jacob really choose his successor? And how does Desmond play into Locke's grand island plan? These are two of the questions on our mind following the episode "What They Died For."
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