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The theme of this week’s episode seemed to be forgiveness.  Will Haddie forgive her cousin Amber?  Will Camille and Zeek forgive each others’ transgressions?  On “Team Braverman” the family's unity has definitely been tested.  The family wasn't even able to get it together for Max's Walk for Autism!  Now we just need to wait and see if the waters can ever be calmed once again. 

We knew that the problems between Amber and Haddie would eventually result in some sort or altercation.  That being said, we are a bit embarrassed for Amber.  Can’t believe her cousin ousted her in front of her family.  It’s bad enough that you have feelings for your cousins ex and sleep with him, but having your entire family know about your sexual tryst… humiliating. Things are bad enough when you are a teenager!

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Does Amber deserve this humiliation after sleeping with Steve?  Who knows, we just hope to see these two cousins reconciling.  Their argument is affecting their family and also causing a rift between their parents, especially Sarah and Kristina.  We honestly can’t say who we side with more, Amber or Haddie.  Yes, Amber was wrong sleeping with Steve, but she really likes him.  Haddie of course gets our sympathy vote, having your first love stolen by your cousin.  She just seemed to handle the entire situation poorly.  Whose side are you on now?

Jasmine goes on a dance audition, and if she gets the job has to move to New York.  We hope Crosby fights for the woman who he is apparently falling in love with!  He must be in love, making Jasmine sea horse tea to drink, how disgusting it that?  Hopefully he’ll just propose and make an honest woman out of Jasmine!  What do you think will happen between these two?

We can’t believe Zeek finds out about Camille’s affair and doesn’t freak out.  We really didn’t call that one.  Zeek seems like an egotistic man, one that has put his needs before his own wife’s for a very long time.  This actually gives us hope that these two will be able to salvage their relationship.  They have been married a very long time, and now that the kids are grown up, they can make an unbiased decision to either stay together or split up solely on their real feelings.  I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Until next week, here are a few our favorite Parenthood quotes to keep you smiling:
Adam: Listen, we're the adults, let's set a good example and not make this any worse.
Sarah: How can it get any worse? | permalink
Crosby: I'm not making you tea with sea horses; they could be on the endangered species list for all we know. | permalink
Crosby: If you start speaking in tongues after you drink this am I going to be able to get a hold of Doctor Ting, does he use a phone? | permalink
Adam: A wise man once told me that we always have to forgive each other and not get hung up on the past.
Zeek: Team Braverman. | permalink
Camille: Sometimes being the perfect parent isn't worth the blood on the floor. | permalink


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Amber. Unequivocally. Haddie broke up with him. Steve is not her property. Even if Haddie had a claim on him, Haddie telling her friends and not stopping her friends from using gendered slurs and bullying Amber definitely loses any sympathy she might have had from me. This is also the episode where Kristina lost me forever. It's one thing for a teenager to engage in gendered slurs and slutshaming - they need to be taught better - but a grown woman who should know better? A grown woman who should know better than to get so involved in children's squabbles? Eff that.

Anna maria

omg how can anyone be on team Amber?? Haddie trusted her! and she's stll kissing him! what a slut!


I'm on team Amber. Haddie broke things up with Steve so he was free. Moreover, she is just upset because she considers Amber as less popular and less cute than her. She is not hurt, she is just jealous because her ex is going out with a less popular girl.


I think Haddie was wrong for outing her cousin in front of the entire family! I am def. on Team Amber! Crosby has to keep Jasmine here! Hopefully next week he will make a big show and profess his love to her!


Am I the only one who noticed that Haddie broke up with Steve and didn't seem upset about it. She only got mad that they slept together something she didn't want to do. Therefore, be mad at the cousin but not the guy what a crap. If she really cared about Steve she wouldn't of broken up with him regardless of what anyone said. excuses excuses


I agree that Crosby and Jasmine deserve to be together, they appear to be in love...and little Jabbar needs his father. I want Crosby to eventually make the decision to go with Jasmine, it the better way to end the season. But, i also want a moment where Jasmine reconsiders because she too wants her family, this is where Crosby would step up and make a great secrifice for family.

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Parenthood Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

Kristina: One big happy freaking family.
Adam: Alright, thank you.
Kristina: Super.

Sometimes being the perfect parent isn't worth the blood on the floor.