Report: Heroes Canceled, TV Movie Likely

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On second thought, Heroes might actually NOT get renewed.

Despite NBC Primetime President Angela Bromstad saying a renewal for Heroes "makes sense" in many ways, a new report in New York Magazine states the opposite:

Because the network is satisfied with new pilots it has ordered (such as J.J. Abrams' Undercovers), sources say there's more of an upside to seeing if these shows can take off, as opposed to "begging viewers to give Heroes one more shot."

It's hard to argue with that logic. Especially given that Heroes hasn't produced a solid episode in years.

An Awful Hiro

According to agency sources and chatter around Hollywood, the magazine article states, "Heroes has started looking less like a backup plan and more like a waste of money."

But all hope is not lost for long-time viewers.

Insiders say "there's a good chance" the network will at least find room on its schedule for a movie that could bring some finality to the franchise. Hey, it's better than nothing, right?

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I luv watched Hero DVD & am disappointment that there is no continue after that!! As a fan of Hero, I think u shld continue make the programme for the last time & once for all! Whether it is a happy ending or not!!


Heroes is the best show for me. and many of my friends. 12 of us used to get together and watch it on dvd projection. It would be nice if the show would end in a final season 5. or the 4 hour tv-movie. not the 2 hour tv-movie because that would make it fast pace and no one will love that.


NBC, I salute you! Heroes finally got what it deserved. That is, to be capped Old Yeller style. Peace.


I'll always be on M.L.'s side of honest reviews, positive or negative. I held onto hope that this season might finish strong, but in the end this show was like a vegged patient waiting to have its plug pulled and NBC had the decency to put it out of its misery. I don't care that I knowingly wasted my time supporting the show till the bitter end anymore. It's simply time to move on. There have been and will be many more examples of how a great start ended in brutal failure. House, thanks for your time and effort into this site and brining us fans good scoops. Best wishes in whatever you move onto next. Regards, - JettaFlair


first and foremost, I'm really impressed that you aren't expressing how excited you really are. That must take a lot of self restraint, and that alone demands respect! I just read on Perez Hilton that Heroes will most likely get 2,4, or 6 episodes that they'd run like a mini-series, which sounds like a decent idea to me. They could tie up the lose ends before they had a chance to seriously screw up the story. Season four was effing horrible, a joke at best, but the beginning seemed like it had some potential (and by had "some potential" I mean, "didn't make me want to die"). That being said, I think for the mini-series, or TV movie or whatever they choose to do they should behead the stupid whinebot Claire and bring back Elle -- then it would be totally boss, no matter what else happened! But more importantly, would you be back to do a reviews? While other "more dedicated fans" (or more gullible, whichever way you want to look at it) may hate your reviews I love them! Losing them will be the worst part of Heroes being cancelled for me.


An thats what happens when ppl talk only about the negatives about a show it gets canceled, disappointed with nbc not giving it a shot or even half a season to finish the story for the fans who have still been watching. well anyway bb heroes you will be missed! p.s wth is up with networks axing decent shows only to be replaced by shows that get axed again after 1 season first ugly betty now heroes :( an lost ending soon next season desperate housewives now what am i gonna watch in the evenings lol


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