Should Supernatural Return for Season Six?

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Last summer, when asked about the future of Supernatural, creator Eric Kripke said:

“I’m looking at this season as the [last] chapter in this particular story."

He went on to say that there can always be a new story, but he made it clear in February that he didn't want to play a major role in that story: Kripke stepped down as showrunner.

Meeting the Devil

Now, considering those words and that action, on the day after a satisfying season finale, we can't help but wonder: should "Swan Song" have served as a series finale? It felt that way, didn't it?

Sam apparently sacrificed himself to save humanity; Dean reunited with Lisa; Chuck's voiceover updated us on Dean and Bobby and said that that endings aren't always ideal:

Chuck: So what's it all add up to? It's hard to say. But me, I'd say this was a test... for Sam and Dean. And I think they did all right. Up against, Good, Evil, angels, devils, Destiny, and God himself, they made their own choice. They chose family. And, well... isn't that kinda the whole point? No doubt - endings are hard. But then again... nothing ever really ends, does it? | permalink

Then, of course, Sam appeared outside of Lisa's house, a scene that teased events for next season.

But we must ask viewers: Did this episode nicely wrap up the story you care about? SHOULD there be a sixth season?

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I love supernatraul and Im gonna be really sad if their not a season 6!I love sam and dean and I wish 4 sam to live on! I cant belive the show is not that popular. I really want it get more fans!so tell ur friends about plz! Btw I really lked the ending!1!!!


I love Supernatural. It is my favorite show of all time. I am torn about season six. I love the fact that each season had a theme and followed thru on the storyline. Each season got stronger and stronger. I agree with PeepsUK that I wanted a big battle at the end, but I do like how the season ended. My biggest problem about another season was where on earth can the story go after the apocalyspe. I'm both excited and apprehensive about season six. I'm certainly looking forward to seeing Jensen and Jared for another season. I just worry that the stories might suck without Eric Kripke. However Sera Gamble has been there from the beginning and she's written alot of the stories, so there is a lot of hope that season six will be good. Be I do hope it will be the last season. Let's not push it.


I just watch season 1 on TNT or whereever..and I am suprised that he went back to a woman named lisa... Route 666 was not well developed as a supernatural episode, but I though it showed Dean having a very strong connection with the extent that he thought of staying with her, not once when they met in Ohio, but the second time around, he had difficulty leaving and cutting it off. Also looking at Cassie, she will have a difficult time with his life, which was already a problem...I do however think that they had an aweome sex scene..HOT!--and it will make sense to incoporate her on the final season...!


It's the best show out there and I don't get it why it's not so popular as some of the shows that aren't really that great. The truly good series are usually underrated. Supernatural has everything in it and even if Swan Song were the final episode of all the seasons it'd be fine, but to end such a wonderful story would be so sad and unwanted by so many people. Even the actors like to play in the series and it's the actors who usually complain how they want to get out of the series ;) Another season of Supernatural is all that I want :) Best show EVER.


I am looking forward to season 6. The very first thing I wondered when Sam was standing outside of Lisa's window was, is that supposed to be Sam or Lucifer? His face was stone still and didn't lead one way or the other.
I'm not sure what was up with Chuck. My husband also guessed that maybe he's God but I'm not really sold on that. I initially was thinking during the season that maybe it was like Dogma and God was stuck inside a human's body. LOL.
They probably couldn't get the actress who played Cassie. Plus the thing with Lisa is because it's already a self made family. He wanted the wife, kid and white picket fence.


Death has gotta be involved he said he was going after god so that will obviously play a part when the show continues, and if he is powerful enough to surly that must mean he is stronger then the devil, also I cant remember any of the other horse men dying, I unno maybe they did


"peepsuk totally agree... this show has been so good... i really love it, but this episode was like kripke wanted to jump the shark with this episode... there was even bad acting, and crappy dialogues... the whole sam jumping in the hole thing with open arms, i felt i was watching an scene from titanic, sam being kate winslet... i'm kinda mad at kripke for doing such thing, i mean the man is a genius, i can't help but think he did this on purpose... maybe i'm wrong, maybe i'm not... but well... i definitely love the show, and i really hope there'll be a 6th season... in spite of what i'm feeling now because of that last crappy episode, i truly can't wait to watch the firs episode of 6th season on air...
btw... what about chuck being God???? what the hell????


there are allot of things that need addressing yet for the season 6 like the neat little bow of a great fabulous ending not like cliff teaser like in season 5,come on it didn't end with the bang that was anticipated,if the writer of the show thinks that is adequate then i feel for his soul and who says there isn't anything beyond the malevolence of Lucifer there were clearly other evils present that held far more moral decay. Crowley seems to be having the last laugh and Sam and dean do not let demons just waltz around the planet doing misfits as they please we know this show has been one of the greatest stories ever written for tv format and we could easily see a few more seasons if the writers play there hands efficiently


This show still has so much story in it, let's get back to the earlier seasons that had great urban legends episodes. Forget demons, where's the next Wendigo?


@Texas Dutch
Hey, I really didn't think that Chuck could be God, no way, but I didn't stop to think about what have you said, and I think you're really right, it could so have been Erik saying goodbye!
I really like that part now that it makes some sense haha
thanks for your opened mind xd


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