Should Supernatural Return for Season Six?

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Last summer, when asked about the future of Supernatural, creator Eric Kripke said:

“I’m looking at this season as the [last] chapter in this particular story."

He went on to say that there can always be a new story, but he made it clear in February that he didn't want to play a major role in that story: Kripke stepped down as showrunner.

Meeting the Devil

Now, considering those words and that action, on the day after a satisfying season finale, we can't help but wonder: should "Swan Song" have served as a series finale? It felt that way, didn't it?

Sam apparently sacrificed himself to save humanity; Dean reunited with Lisa; Chuck's voiceover updated us on Dean and Bobby and said that that endings aren't always ideal:

Chuck: So what's it all add up to? It's hard to say. But me, I'd say this was a test... for Sam and Dean. And I think they did all right. Up against, Good, Evil, angels, devils, Destiny, and God himself, they made their own choice. They chose family. And, well... isn't that kinda the whole point? No doubt - endings are hard. But then again... nothing ever really ends, does it? | permalink

Then, of course, Sam appeared outside of Lisa's house, a scene that teased events for next season.

But we must ask viewers: Did this episode nicely wrap up the story you care about? SHOULD there be a sixth season?

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Swan Song was crap!!!
Iv loved nearly every episode since the start but this last episode was a real anti-climax. Where was the battle??
I would like to see more Supernaturals but if your gonna start an epic storyline across multiple seasons.. at least finish it with a desent episode!!


I do not believe Chuck was intended to be "God". I believe Chuck represented Eric Kripke. It seemed obvious to me that Eric Kripke was saying goodbye to us through Chuck.


Ok, ok. There is still more to fight. Maybe we should see Hade's or Anubis? Maybe instead of a hell hound, cerberus would be nice. Dont really like Ancient Italian Mytho so, I'd say Greek or Egyptian. The ending was satisfying in the sense that it was a good ending. i would have been happy if the show had ended there and that. Id say even that sam ending could have stayed and instead of frowning he could have been smiling and then he could have done a chuck. And to the people who say that the cage wont hold. i agree. It was built for Lucifer not Michael.


Bring on another season!!! Dean was in Hell and Castiel pulled him out, and obviously Sam or Samifur (LuciSam?) is out... Castiel told Dean he now had everything he'd asked for, everything was back to normal (except minus Sam)... so obviously there were bad guys and demons to hunt when Lucifer was trapped in the cage before, why would it be any different now? Lucifer and Hell still exist, and so do demons and a really crazy world is a'spinnin! We need the Winchesters!!!!!


There is a lot of folklore! They didn't tap into the Greek or Egyptian mythology or others for that matter. Just isn't Christian mythology...there's plenty for them to fight. The only reason we can't see the Heaven/Hell is because we're living it now. Think of it this way, if you lived in the times of Greek mythology you would have never thought past that either. ;)


The fight not be over! Since Michael went into the pit with Sam/Lucifer, and it was Michael who put Lucifer down there first. I wonder if it was designed so that it couldnt trap Michael, and let them out when both went in, or as the show is all big on brother love, maybe Michael sided with Lucifer after seeing how the Winchesters are with each other, and the conjoined strength of Michael and Lucifer allowed them to break free. I dont know about you guys but there is a lot of ways it can go and I am excited to see it !


Who do you fight after the devil? How about that Anti-Christ kid they let get away for starters?


As much as I love this show and would love a new series. I think they should end it with Swan Song. And they could have, if they hadn't put Sam outside the window. Now there has to be a Season 6. But like everyone is saying. Who do you fight after a battle between Heaven and Hell?


The thing I like best about this show is that it does not take it's self too seriously. Yes it was great to have the whole devil issue rapped, but the whole show hasn't been about that has it?? It's been about a journy from one point to another with some really great fun out of the box episodes along the way. Bring back Loki and lets get on with the next trip is what I say!! Can't wait to see where they take things next.......


of course, the show should return. I can't wait for the season 6th. I hope this show never ends.


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