Stephen King to Appear on Sons of Anarchy

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Stephen King is an unabashed fans of Sons of Anarchy.

He's made this clear in multiple columns for Entertainment Weekly and will soon get to prove it on screen:

The world famous author will actually appear on the third episode of Sons of Anarchy next season. He'll play a loner that gets involved with Gemma during her time of need.

Stephen King

In other show casting news related to Gemma: 

Hal Holbrook will play this character's father on season three.

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If you are looking for someone to play Gemmas father how about Hal Linden,Peter Breck,Lee Majors,Larry Storch,Burt Reynolds,Richard Dawson,Larry Hagman,Wayne Rogers and William Shatner (for the Canadain viewers)lol, to name just a few.

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