Taylor Momsen Interview Reveals Gossip Girl Spoilers

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Gossip Girl star Taylor Momsen sat down for a lengthy interview on This Morning yesterday, and while it's a good interview, her visit was perhaps most notable for the montage of clips from the Gossip Girl season finale shown during the 16-year-old's visit.

Taylor admits that she will be gone for a bit to tour with her band, and some of these glimpses from next week's episode offer clues as to why Jenny Humphrey leaves the UES.

Take a look and leave a comment with your thoughts ...

[video url="http://www.tvfanatic.com/videos/taylor-momsen-this-morning-interview/" title="Taylor Momsen: This Morning Interview"] [/video]

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The interviewers were annoying...why are they bothering her with her age all the time. If she's grown up in such a business I think she really can decide what the hell she wants to wear and what she doesn't! Those american moralizer. It's not allowed to say shit and god forbid some underage girl doesn't act all like "Disney-Hannah Montana"...well don't they have other problems in the world? Really annoying!
But I think it's funny how T. has the same style as J. I wasn't aware that she wears her raccoon eyes off the show as well!


she doesnt smile cause shes ill ! bloddy hell peole jus because she dont kiss the interviewers ass like most stars :) she is soo pretty one of my idols !! x


Sooo... shes kinda mean in real life too but i was more interested in the GG clips. So i think they sleep together probably w/Nate and then Blair shows up and hopefully major Jenny smack down! I think Chuck was gonna propose to Blair, maybe not, but it looks like he gets robbed. And probably shot. He kinda deserves it if he does...


shez hot . . . but cant she smile ?????!


I hate Jenny,
but I actually sort of love Taylor.
She's honest and straightforward.
And really talented in acting ànd music.
I adore her songs!
But I think she's a bit down,
at certain moments in the interview she looks as if she's about to cry, at least, that's what I thought.


i dont nessisarily think shes mean she is more strait forward and i want to say isnt as bubbly as most stars are she is more like kristen stewart, in a way they dont flirt with the camera and smile allot or they like to act like they dont care


So, I have deduced that Taylor Momsen does not possess the ability to smile.


wow..she is just as bitchy as her character!! so annoying..the interviewers were sweet..i felt sorry for them! they should have invited leighton or blake instead..


I actually like her, I mean she is pretty straight forward for someone who is only 16 but thats what happens when your in that industry.
Also the "sleeping two hours a night thing" probably means she is on some sort of drugs..she is going to be great to watch, she'll be a hot mess in no time.


Taylor is just so angsty and funny. I mean she's pretty blunt in interviews which makes it kind of uncomfortable. She would rather talk about her music rather then Gossip Girl, but I guess that's fine.
I think there's a threesome between Chuck/Jenny/Nate... Hopefully Chuck doesn't get robbed and shot!!It sounds like Blair is going to be brutal towards Jenny. Blair had hurt my feelings when she was talking to Jenny!

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