Taylor Momsen Interview Reveals Gossip Girl Spoilers

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Gossip Girl star Taylor Momsen sat down for a lengthy interview on This Morning yesterday, and while it's a good interview, her visit was perhaps most notable for the montage of clips from the Gossip Girl season finale shown during the 16-year-old's visit.

Taylor admits that she will be gone for a bit to tour with her band, and some of these glimpses from next week's episode offer clues as to why Jenny Humphrey leaves the UES.

Take a look and leave a comment with your thoughts ...

[video url="http://www.tvfanatic.com/videos/taylor-momsen-this-morning-interview/" title="Taylor Momsen: This Morning Interview"] [/video]

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I love jenny, but u, taylor, are boring!


hahahaha When Blair says "Leave and never come back" all I can think of is Gollum in LOTR. I think Taylor is great. She knows what she wants, and she is honest about it. She does not pretend to be saccharine-syrupy-sweet about it.




I have to admit that I really like T Momms here!:D


This is totally random but when Blair says "no loves you, except your daddy" she kind of sounds and reminds me of Lisa Rowe(Angelina Jolie) from girl interrupted.


I keep hoping that it is not what it looks like and Chuck does not sleep with Jenny cause to me that would really F'n suck! But., I am beginnig to fear that he does SMH! Way to ruin the show cause Y does it look like she's in his bed and he's telling her she can stay? ugh! Also it looks as if Chuck gets mugged I have a feeling he might be the one to get shot! I really hate Jenny and I am glad that she is leaving!! Cant wait for the season finale! Hoping Chair can somehow work this out! And again I ask.. Y the hell is Georgina back?


i really dont like that song. it just seems kind of cliche. especially the video. oh and the age to dress "provocatively" is EARLY 20'S!!!! and she made the chace question awkward. she could have at least laughed a little. and it was so classy how she said shit on television. im done hating on taylor now.


i dont hate chuck anymore. i love him!! i just really hope he doesnt get shot when hes mugged. that would definitely put a downer on this whole paris thing.


Chuck: "Just let me keep the box!" Oh my god. My heart kind of melted there. He really loves Blair.


Ugh! She's so annoying!!!