Taylor Momsen Stripped Down

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Gossip Girl star Taylor Momsen has made no secret of the fact that despite being a successful actress and model, she envisions herself as a musician above all else.

She's been recording and traveling often with her band, The Pretty Reckless, and recently sat down for an MTV acoustic session that really showcased her talent.

Or did it? Does she have a future in music, or should she stick to acting? Check out this new, stripped down version of the band's "Make Me Wanna Die" and tell us:

[video url="http://www.tvfanatic.com/videos/make-me-wanna-die-acoustic/" title="Make Me Wanna Die (Acoustic)"] [/video]

How would you evaluate Taylor Momsen as a singer?

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CONT>>>>> as soon as i turned 16, i went up to i size 10/12 and became 34DD, which is big even for me, i was a late bloomer with a very high metabolism, its a family trait. the point i'm trying to make is maybe you're blaming her for something that she can;t control yet and when young its soo easy for weight to drop on or off, i;m 19 now and i'm bak to being a size 8/10 cos i'm working to hard. i'm lecturing you guys ( i hope) i'm just saying that maybe you have ulterior motive to being pissed at her and you should lighten up a bit, she's got plenty of time to grow and change.


As far as i am concerned i think that some of these comments are hypocritical. while we condemn her for being to 'thin' or not 'acting her age' and generally slating, let ask ourselves why. is it because she changed and grew up and people didn't like that or is because she does not fit into the streaotypical mould we set for her. she is as all of have said before only 16 and yet she dresses like some much older, yet if she's too young to act and dress like this, then maybe she's too young to be a ROLE models, we have to understand that sher life has not been a typical childhood and she has worked and grown up with so far outside her age group, who's actions have may or may not hve influenced her. as for her being really rubbish in interviews, and repeating her, she's not the only celebrity who is rubbish at this. Kirsten Stewart is awful in interviews, she either mumble or stutter or fluffs her sentances and that cos she shy on live television, maybe it's the same with taylor, furthermore if any have actually read the lyrics or read her magazine interviews you would know that the song is about being dumped and pretty sure that in that moment all of us have felt angst or emo-ish as you like to say. and no offence to any of you, but all this 'she's too thin' is BULLS**T.if i use myslef for example from the day i was born uptil age 15 i was size 6/8 (UK) which is tiny for me seeing i was tall (5ft9ins at the time and i'm 5ft10.5 now)v


This song was the first song for the credits of Kick Ass [right before Mika's song]!!! I think she'll do great with the singing career. Leighton really failed at her singing career in all honesty.


im just saying that you shouldn't tell people to change things they can't control. i hate this chick, but i will admit that she has a good voice, even though her personality and general lack of class makes me sick. we all have problems. and we shouldn't prey on other people's insecurities that they can't change. however, we may all rejoice in the fact that she is a trashy bitch that can't do an interview to save her life. ---- Notice how every interview she just says the same thing over and over again. "Well I've been writing since I was like 5 years old,""The music is dark, really loud, blah blah." Trash.


Taylor's problem is not being thin. She obviously lost too much weight in too little time. She's 16, she shouldn't be that worried about her figure. Besides, she doesn't look healthy at all.


1 fucking thousand times better than Leighton who's absolute BS. And Jane, if you think Leighton sings better than her, then you know NIL about music. And Eldrea...please, we don't need any MORE Taylor Swifts or somebody equally insipid.


Well lately she has acted like a little slut diva.
I saw picture of her, which was 3 years ago, and I realy can't belive that someone can change so fast and so radically... It seems a bit wierd. But... I love this song. It has stuck in my mind for about 3 days.


She was pretty good. shocked the hell outta me. I like leighton songs but Taylor is a better live performer more believable .


taylor has got a unique AMAZING voice, never would you think its a 16 year old singing! i love her character in gossip girl and i love pretty reckless, taylor momsen is a bitch so what!? every girl is a bitch mate. she rocks!! F*CK ALL U HATERS! :D


I actually like the song, which surprises me since I am not into that type of music, but I thing if she stopped dressing like a slut then I would love her a lot more!


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