The Ghost Whisperer Series Finale Review: "The Children's Parade"

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Last night marked the season finale of The Ghost Whisperer - and by the looks of it, the series finale. Tear.

Hopefully another station will pick up our favorite spooky show! (Hint - Hint - ABC, Cmon! Please!?)

George Wendt on Ghost Whisperer

Finally the Shinies came back into play and we get what we've been waiting for! The ultimate battle between the light and the dark.

It was interesting to find out that the Shinies are a bunch of children. Children are known as being pure innocents so it would make sense that the Shinies were only made up of ghost children.

This also answered our question on why the Shadows were so interested in getting ghost children above anyone else. The Shadows were trying to build a bigger army to destroy the Shinies, but the Shinies are stronger and more powerful.

"The Children's Parade" really showed us what Aiden is made out of - Bravery. He knew that it was up to him to lead the battle against the Shadows to save his mother and he not only pulled it off, but gave a remarkable speech to get the Shinies together.

So now that the Shinies destroyed the Shadows - do you think that they will be able to gather their powers and come back again? Could this really be the end of the Shadows? We have a feeling that if another station decides to pick up this show, it won't be!

We were surprised that Bedford was no where to be seen throughout this episode. His storyline was crucial to the battle and yet when the chip fell - he was M.I.A. What gives? If this episode really is the series finale, it would have been nice to have him cross over into the light.

Overall, we were pretty impressed with this last episode and the fact that it ended happily with the family together and really no cliffhangers. What surprised us most is how non-creepy Aiden was. We even venture to say he was cute! Especially at the end when he told his mom he was brave like she is every day. Awe!

What did you think of the series/season finale?! Do you think this show should be saved? Leave your thoughts below!

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I have been watching the re-runs on for quite some time now. (missed the show in its original run.) I am surprised it was only 5 seasons - so many cast member changes - seems like more than 5 - and I still have not seen the episode(s) that explain how it jumped to Aiden being 6 years old! Really like the show though - great entertainment!


i dont understand why they cancelled g.w. There was so much more to see and so many places to go, come back G.W. we miss you, Can't see without the light!!


i really wish u guys would learn to finish what u start! What kinda example are u setting for future generations yes it s just a tv show but you have to start somewhere.


this is honestly the best show i have ever watched and stayed connected through all 5 seasons......plz come back!!!!!!!


At least Ghost Whisperer was about someone different, someone who struggled with a gift that, lets face, would have made her a freak and references to her younger years did just that, but Melinda was able to find someone to love her that believed her and believed in her and she was able to do her "work" on this earth to help other people. I do like CBS, they have some good shows like NCIS and NCIS LA, they are kinda heavy and we need a balance. GW gave us that on Friday night after a long work week. A simple show that made us feel good, not too heavy and not too light, it was just right.


Well, now I am not one to post, as a matter of fact have never posted my opinion on something as trival as a TV show. With that said, CBS must lack some type of leadership with grit and vision. Yes, basically the same story line each week, someone dies and cannot "enter the light" because of some discord in their life. This show had great actors and actresses, the story line could have gone anywhere. In a day and time when we are stuck with all these reality shows, it is sickening to me that we are glorifying these people and making them rich. Who gives a rats ... what these vulgar, foul mouthed, fake boobed and fake faced people do. It's real entertainment we want and real entertainment we should get. We don't want reality, we don't want stupid doctor shows where people sleep all around the office. We need family shows with virtuous people. How about a show that is made on the true reality of the American soldier? Their our heros. Our culture has taken a real hit when we can't have at least as many decent family shows on as we have ridiculous shows that make nasty, naughty, lipo suctioned, botoxed women and men look like the norm in America which makes normal people seem boring and plain. At least Ghost Whisperer was about someone different, someone who struggled with a gift that, lets face, would have freak


I think all stations should pull every freaking reality show off the air and leave our non-reality shows, especially Ghost Whisperer!!!! I mean after all, we live and breath our own reality every single day!


And I agree with Natasha, if CBS doesn't want it, pull Private Practice on ABC!! Or CBS should pull some of the shows they are currently showing Friday nights. So far, not impressed.


I agree, this show truly has the potential to be on-air for many more seasons. I would LOVE to watch Aiden grow up and see what he can do.....of course along with Ned, Eli, and his mom :) The characters are there. If the actors are willing to stay in, get some creative writers and get back to work!!!!!


I'm so so sad! This was the only show my Mom and I agreed on; we had a standing date every Friday night. We were both captivated starting Season 1 and never faltered. CBS you've gotta wake up!!

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The Ghost Whisperer Season 5 Episode 22 Quotes

Just unplug the drain - you're George the plumber, not George the comedian.


I just asked you a question. Do you understand?!