The Mentalist Review: "Red Sky in the Morning"

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Last night marked the second season finale of The Mentalist and we finally got some Red John action! Not to dwell, but seriously! Why do you think the writers left him out all season?

On the Season Finale

Going into "Red Sky in the Morning", we knew that there was a copy cat, but we were surprised that it was the roommate. It was a bit cheesy the way this storyline went. Really? Film students turned copycat murderers to make a film about Red John? For us, it seemed like this was just an easy way for the writers to bring back Red John. It was pretty great that Red John showed up and killed them. We were certain that RJ would have been flattered that they went to such extremes to copy him. 

So now that we have a bit more information about him - can we really be sure that Red John really is a man? What we found interesting was the tone of "his" voice. It would be very presumptuous of us to assume that he is a man - rewatching the interactions between Jane and Red John, you can't be 100% sure Red John is a man.

A big theory would be that Kristina is Red John. What we found disturbing was her public outcry to him on TV. It's not like she is unaware of Jane's history, so why be such a fool and take him not seriously? Even when Jane showed up and her house and warned her - again - it didn't seem like she was in the least bit worried about her situation.

Do you think that Kristina packed her bags and left or that Red John came in and kidnapped her?

Obviously she is either with him on her own free will, is him, or was taken by him - but that question that still looms is which one? We think there is much more to Kristina than what we know - and this is just the beginning of her story.

We were a bit disappointed that nothing bigger happened between Red John and Jane - I mean for goodness sake Jane was tied up and couldn't go anywhere! RJ didn't even smack him around and what was up with the song? When Red John said:

Red John: Tiger tiger burning bright in the forest of the night. | permalink

What do you think he meant? Why do you think he is so fixated on Jane? He's been out of the equation all season long, then comes back and leaves us with a riddle?!

Overall, we loved last night's season finale and only wish The Mentalist gave us more like it! What did you think of the season finale?

Until next season, we leave you with a few of our favorite The Mentalist quotes after the jump!

Red John: If there's one thing I can't tolerate is cheap imitations of my work. | permalink
Lisbon: You should make that call.
Jane: What call?
Lisbon: Right, like I'm not a detective too. | permalink
Kristina: People do change Patrick, it's possible. | permalink
Jane: What the hell are you thinking! Don't you understand who you are dealing with! | permalink


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Thank you Sylvia. Much appreciate your notice of the Season 3 airing time as well as the info about "Red sky at night" and sailor's meaning. How cool is that! I'm hopeful we'll get a satisfying opening episode for season 3 to quell at least some of the churning questions as well as the dry spell.


The next episode is titled "Red sky at night" which according to experts is s sailer's quote dating as far back as Bible times and meant a good sailing if the sky was red at night. I'm sure we will find "delight" for Jane after the horror of the past.


Season 3 will start airing on Spetember 23rd at 10 p.m. if anyone is still wondering. I want to see if there will be an answer to the riddle or if the enigmatic smile on Patrick's face as he falls asleep is the only clue we'll get. I could tell he knew Kristina's fate, and what about the young man who was shot in the leg, did he not hear R.J. and relate the event.


I’d like to revisit William Blake (the 17th Century British author/painter) because his poem and his painting are referenced in this series as well as the fact that Blake occasionally “spoke� with his dead brother. Even if unintended by the writers, I’d still find the contrast between Patrick Jane and William Blake very interesting. Most importantly, Patrick Jane vehemently denies any validity regarding life after death or imaginings of a spiritual context. He’s all about “sight� and finding clues through what he can observe with his eyes, although it’s an astonishing amount. In the opening episode Jane told Lisbon that the killing of the husband (stepfather) by his wife (mother of murdered child) was “Not as bad as it looks.� That’s an interesting phraseology. In my opinion even if the husband had been guilty, in the shoes of the wife-with her dead daughter and now facing trial and likely prison, it certainly would feel worse than it looked. In other words, Jane sees with his eyes and not his heart because he’s all about judgment. However, it’s the heart that’s capable of forgiving. And forgiveness (through understanding) is how William Blake’s writings see entrance to heaven. William Blake specifically references seeing with the eyes in one of his poems (a poem offered as introduction to the book “Mindsight, Near-Death and Out-of-Body Experiences in the Blind� by Kenneth Ring and Sharon Cooper). “This life’s dim windows of the soul
Distorts the heavens from pole to pole
And leads you to believe a lie
When you see with, not through, the eye.� William Blake, The Everlasting Gospel


hi...i am just curious if any one knows when the next season will come out,anyone?


OK Carol, we've now ascertained that the writers can present themselves as a crop of dithering mid-level school drop-outs except for once in a while coming up with a great premise which they render stupid after a guise. I don't think we'll see a new episode until probably October, so they have all Summer to summarize their low level of consciousness into a quasi-logical opening act for season 3. Whilst sitting pretty here waiting for that I can virtually project a Kubrikian ending, that is the long sigh of having passed a corner and finding nothing there of consequence.


Hey Sylvia, "As a writer"....... That makes two of us. :-) Actually my life is ridiculously full, but I can't resist taking the time to assault others with my musings. The real truth is....can you say narcissistic? :-) Isn't that part of what most writers are about? They've got something to say. Hopefully somebody somewhere is interested in listening. At least that's what my husband tells me. My website for children's stories is on page one of the Google search for "children's books" (usually #3 or #4). You can't please everybody, but it's nice when there's a few.... For many years it was #1, but then there was Amazon, etc. etc. When is this darn series going to start up again, anyway? Obviously that's what the viewers *really* want!


OK Carol, what is this, couch day, catharsis. Pleae tell me you're not counting on a t.v. show to analyze your psyche. We are not supposed to live vicariously through these made-up stories, that would mean our lives are irrelevant and what a sad commentary.I'll bet you have better things to do and so do I. As a writer, I feed onthe exhaustion following the reading of any good script or even outline. Petty speculations just leave me weary, but I revel in a good imagining of a personal trauma. Lets think about some of these for the next installments of our favorite show. Perhaps Mr. Baker will come back from "Breath" with renewed flexings of his acting abilities and give us a good new season.


I’m grateful that “The Mentalist� has taught me so much. I feel I’ve even learned the secret of what NOT to do through Patrick Jane’s example. Because of Jane’s father’s teachings that “There are only two types of people in this world (1) the losers, and (2) those who use the losers� Jane became a successful psychic fraud. It was never about the journey, it was always about the goal and getting what you want at somebody else’s expense. Although Jane’s actions would be questionable, he could always follow a con man’s rules and never make a mistake. For Jane, there was only one significant mistake and although it was a whopper, who cares?! After all, that one mistake caused Patrick Jane to flip and become the Wyatt Earp of law enforcement, a place where he can carry on never making mistakes. Now he gets to be “Mr. Judgment,� pointing out everybody else’s mistakes and if in the meanwhile he can catch, slice, and dice the guy that tripped him up in his one big mistake – even better. It’s hard living a life without mistakes and made even harder by a world that touts perfection. I feel that I cannot escape to a place where television, the written word, my husband or family, my friends, my city, country, the world does not decry mistakes. Everything’s about the “top� this or the “top� that. The “best� this or the “best� that. If you’re not Number One, then you’re number nothing. Unfortunately in this day of electronics and the global village, you’re not just competing with your little village; you’re in competition with the world! If you can’t be the best, God forbid you’d better not make a mistake! But oddly enough, one day I was reading a book written about some of the most successful people in the world. The author had interviewed them and, guess what? Many of these successful people touted the value of “mistakes.� One such person said, “I look forward to making mistakes because they’re the necessary ingredient for success. In my path to a goal, they’re the stepping stones to get to places of success and I know that the more mistakes I make, the closer I’ll be to succeeding.� What a concept! However, not until “The Mentalist� did I realize just how important mistakes are. They are the one thing that we all share as individuals, families, nations. So why not celebrate them and give them the honor and respect they deserve? Actually they could be a potent and driving force in this world because individuals and nations would be less inclined to prove how much stronger or holier or better looking or more fearsome, etc., they are -- if they respected mistakes. And perhaps a kinder, more understanding perception would result. I believe I’ve learned what not to do. And that is never to burden myself or get bent out of shape by the requirement that I be the best at anything. In that peculiar sense, being always “right� has become actually “wrong.� Now I have a friendlier solution. Henceforth from this day on I resolve to make at least one mistake a day. And if I’m unable to fill my quota, I will compensate thereafter by making more than one mistake a day until I catch up to my quota. I expect to be rewarded by a sense of self-worth because I guarantee I can make one mistake a day. And if the rest of the world (i.e., family, friends, nations) wishes to join, me, that might have helpful repercussions. After all, it’s hard to brag or insult people regarding how many more mistakes than them you’ve made. So, thank you Patrick Jane. You’re the “best� teacher ever! Carol Moore


Carol, I guess you and I are having a dialogue. What with no new episodes coming for a few months, we can speculate. There is a delisional and illogical minority here in this forum speculating that KF is RJ, what a crock, the Jane and Lisbon will connect at some point, they already have in a non-sexual context, she is the only one he would call if he were dying, so let it go, people. Think of this series as an exercise in human validation when all else has gone wrong. Everyone is a victim of cirumstance and that is validated through human emotions which the actors all transmit to us the viewers, albeit through the writers' script, thus when poorly written, they would like us to accept that you can pick up a turd by the clean end.

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