The Mentalist Sneak Peaks: "Red Letter"

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This Thursday in "Red Letter", the CBI team head to investigate the murder of a non-profit organization that fights human trafficking. 

Jealous much?

Meanwhile, sparks begin to fly between our favorite mentalist Patrick Jane and a supposed psychic Kristina Frye when their paths cros again.

Will this make Lisbon jealous? Will Red John play a part in this murder? We can't wait to tune in Thursday night at 10pm to find out!

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Jane's love connected?
Agent Hightower
Nothing like a good cup of joe
Old Flames?


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Not a well written episode. Too many snags. Probably just warming us to Kristina who will probably be killed next week by R.J. His insult and ensuing apologies to the widow were mean spirited, Sparring with Kristina lacked imagination and he looked old and tired, probably good to go on Hiatus and lets get some better scripts for next season, this one was deffinateky not very tasty, or so Mr. Baker keeps refering to this role as delicious.

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