The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 8

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Oh, no, Jeremy didn't!

According to reader "Beachchickxoxo," Elena's brother crossed the Twilight Saga line one too many times with Damon. As a result of this individual's entry (below the photograph), she's been awarded this week's Caption Contest top prize. Congratulations!

Keep your chin up if you didn't come out on top. There's always next week! A new game starts up each Friday. Play and enjoy!

Angry Jeremy

Damon: Seriously, Jeremy. Compare me to Edward Cullen one more time...see what happens.

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damon: we cant pro create, although we love to u have to promise us that u do that before u turn into a vampire


Damon: Dude, your biceps are bulging.
Jeremy: Hands OFF the merchandise, man.
Stefan: [broods visibly because he missed out]


Damon: What do you mean you want to become a vampire?


Stefan: Damon, he already knows about the birds and the bees!


damon:do you like anna?
jeremy: yes,why do you care?
damon:cause i`m barney
jeremy:dude, what are you on to?
jeremy: that`s what you got from that?


DAMON: Do you have the stuff? JEREMY: Dude let go of me..i'm sensative......and we can't do this here. DAMON: I need it NOW JEREMY: ok, ok fine, here is your Trixx yogurt. that will be $3.75. STEFAN: Sill Damon, trixx are for KIDS! DAMON: (to jeremy): This is why I go to extremes


Damon: Where did you hide me lucky charms?


DAMON: When were you going to tell me? JEREMY: I'm so sorry, I never meant it to go this far..its just Stefan and i LOVE the Jonas Brothers so much. I didn't know you did too. DAMON: Those pussies? no way, i just don't like the fact that you and Stefan are spending late nights getting hot and sweaty with the Jonas Brothers songs.


Damon: Take it back! How DARE you accuse me of sparkling! You think the Cullens are real vampires? They sparkle like they've been sprinkled with early learning glitter!


Damon: Tell me who dies in this episode! I must know!
Jeremy: I ain't telling you spit! Man, I'm clever cuz I just talked smack to a vampire.
Damon: You've gotta give me some answers.
Jeremy: Yes, no.. To get to the other side. 1.77245-
Damon: I DON'T WANT TO KNOW THE SQUARE ROOT OF PI! (Yes, it's a Twilight reference.. Sorry - that's all I've got. Hehe.)

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