The Vampire Diaries First Season Report Card: A+

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The television season may be over, but that doesn't mean the time to offer up critiques on various shows, characters and actors is finished.

As we head into the summer, TV Fanatic will be grading and reviewing a number of the small screen's biggest hits. First up: The Vampire Diaries.

What did we think of its first season? Who was its best character? Where do we hope it goes next year? Read on. Find out. Chime in.

Best Character: Damon Salvatore. This will likely be the easiest choice we make on any show's evaluation. Ian Somerhalder simply owned this role, having a blast with Damon's snarky, sarcastic side - but deftly transitioning to serious and vulnerable when called for. Emmy voters will never even look at a CW show, but they should make an exception in this case.

Worst character: Caroline. This is more by default by anything. We had to choose someone. Caroline is nice and pretty, but she isn't a vampire. She isn't a werewolf. She's sort of just eye candy for male viewers, which does make me wonder: why am I complaining again?

Literally Hot Damon

Best episode: Blood Brothers. This hour took us back to 1864, revealing exactly how Damon and Stefan were turned. It also threw a major, believable twist into the relationship between these brothers. Amazing stuff.

Best storyline: The death of Vicki. This was a turning point for the show in more ways than one: it proved that almost any character could die at any time and it started Jeremy down a path that may lead to him becoming a vampire. Forgive the pun, but Vicki's murder raised the stakes on The Vampire Diaries more than any event from its first season.

Hopes for next season: More background on Tyler and his werewolf connections; more Alaric; the return of Melinda Clarke as Kelly Donovan; Damon finally moving on from Katherine... by killing her!

Overall grade: A+. When The CW premiered this series, I was prepared for a rip-off of The Twilight Saga: a cheesy love story between a vampire and a human, few deaths, no real violence or ongoing mysteries. It's safe to admit: I was wrong! Elena and Stefan are in a stable, mature relationship; the acting is top-notch; answers are provided on an almost-weekly basis; and the show delivers more twists and turns than the Autobahn.

The CW will air reruns of The Vampire Diaries all summer long on Thursday nights. If you aren't yet a believer, tune in. You soon will be.

Report Card

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I tend to let several eps back-up on the DVR so I can binge at a later date. So I haven't seen this one yet eotsmhing nice to look forward to. It's a pity that Ian made a lot of foaming at the mouth homophobic comments when he was younger, but I try not to let that take away from his outter beauty.


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First of all i think jeremy shouldnt have killed imself yeah both of his girlfriends were killed but that doesnt mean he has to kill himself he cant turn into a vampire thats not fair i wanted elena to turn first. but anyway i was freaked out when i saw tyler's eyes in the finale but i guess hes a werewolf now or he probabl always was. i was also shocked st the end when they were kissing because i seriously thought it was elena and damon but it was katherine. i wonder what stefan will say because we all know that elana'a aunt will probably end up blabbing to stefan because she doesnt know about katherine and the whole vampire world. and by the way i do think ian somerhalder was the best character and caroline was the second worst. matt was the worst for me because his character was so.... BLAH -SNORE- -SNORE-.i cant believe johnathon gilbert is elena's dad and that katherine cut his fingers off. oh and one more thing. at the end after katherine cut his fingere and stabbed him elena came in the house and was walking to the kitchen i wonder what will happen when elena sees her look a like and i wonder what katherine will do.


Hey now! While she's not my favorite character, she's definitely not the worst. They need normal people on the show like Caroline and Matt to keep it realistic. They can't all be involved in the supernatural. Sure she can be annoying but we all know or are friends with someone like her. That's why she's around.


HOLY HELL! 24 IS A D?????? WTF! 24 IS AT LEAST AN EFFIN B! 24 IS ONE OF THE BEST WRITTIN SHOWS ON TV THIS YEAR! AND HOW DID GREYS ANATOMY GET A B-!? WHO THE HELL DID THIS REPORT CARD??????????? and seriously? cant be tamed as damons ringtone?? who came up with that joke a 6 year old?


Seriously watch chuck.
until i started watching chuck
watch it.
and while i still love the vampire diaries and gossip girl,
chuck seriously blew me away. I think this show doesnt get as much attention as the other shows and thats why no one knows it.
just watch it one day. pleasee. its SO GOOD.
and dont just watch the pilot, at least watch the first two episodes til you judge the show all together, because to be honest the pilot isnt as intriguing as the pilots from gg and vd. anyway watch it. you wont ever regret it :D


I totally agree with everything you said. Damon is my favorite character, Caroline got on my nerves with her petty jealousy and annoying way about her. My favorite episode was so far the season finally. It left everything open to question with little answers. Is Jermey going to be a vampire? Who kissed Damon at the end, Elena or Kathrine? Is the love triangle between Elena, Damon, and Stefan going to be answered? Are Tyler and Bonnie going to show more of there true natures? All questions that I have, that I cant wait to have answered. My least fovorite episode was when Vicki was killed( the second time). I thought they killed her off too soon. I think they could of had more story lines with her in it
I cant wait for season 2! I hope these next 2-3 months pass quickly!


i agree with the writer here that EMMY awards should make an exception and atleast nominate Ian for his role as Damon Salvatore...his potrayal of damon is outstanding and effortless..HATS OFF TO YOU...keep up the good work throughout the series!!!nd VD deserves itz A+GRADE...!GOSSIP GIRL.. nt a big fan and its seems the storyline is going back to the same track and itz so predictable...GRAYS stopped it after season 4 no idea about it now...Heard a lot about GLEE..hoping to catch up with it soon!!!


Grey's Anatomy B-? Uhm that episode was most definitely an A+


this is nonsense, I agree that 90210 ended its season poorly, there is no denying that, but up until the 18th episode it was great, im giving it an A-, and Glee deserves an A--. Glee doesn't have the best storylines, but the music has to count for something. Gossip Girl's mark is a perfect fit to the last 5 episodes, not to the whole season, the whole season deserves a C+

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