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1. i watched vd on the internet because i live in austria where the vampire diaries isnt even on TV(in fact no good shows are!)and i already accidentally read a spoiler saying katherine's back. although i though it was going to be sooner during the episode and when damon kissed elena i wasnt even thinking about katherine just screaming stuff like "Finally!" or "delena forever!!!" so at the moment def not!

2. yes! ive always liked bonnie and she is getting more interesting with every episode! i also loved to see her showing some loyalty to elena after back stabbing her with the invention.

3. i hope so! although i would have chosen her if they had to kill off any girl but still....i have to agree with LJ Gibbs on that one: she has to have a greater purpose!

4. im not even sure if he actually overdosed! i mean what did we truly see: he stook the pills out of the box, took one in his hand -cut- they were gone -cut- he laid down on his bed. is that really a suicide attempt? maybe he just got cold feet! but....thats also what i thought about jaspers suicide attempt on 90210 and i was wrong about that so maybe i have to stop believing that none of those guys have the guts to actually go through with it. but if he truly took those pills- please let him survive! he sort of hot! and if he does- let him be human! otherwise there are going to be too many vampires on the show struggling on wether to be "good" or "bad" and seriously we pretty much had every version of that: damon going from bad to good, stefan being good but struggling with bad, isobel choosing to be bad but still a tiny bit of good inside, katherine being bad, and there are anna, pearl, the tomb vampires,...i dont think i want another version of the same storyline!

5. desperately searching the web for my weekly dose of ian somerhalder


Er... Not Damon's ring but John's ring right? Anyway, big shock all over. Mouth still hanging open 5 minutes after the end LOL. And @Patricia, Stefan a girl, you're so mean LOOOOOOOLLLL !!!


I was shocked when it turned out to be Katherine. I was screaming at my tv for them not to kiss. Now I want to see what happens when Damon confronts Elena and what will happen with Stefan and Elena. OMG can't wait for next season!!!!


1. Yes, since the australian promo spoiled it! =(
2. Nobody likes Bonnie, she's the ´Vampire Diaries answer to Gossip Girls Vanessa!
3. I hope so! If they keep killing off the girls on the show at this rate there will only be Damon left by the end of season two! Wait, that wouldn't be too bad (And yes, that was me calling Stefan a girl)
4. No! Jeremy and his revival of Emo hairstyle needs to stay alive and angsty when vampire girlfriend #3 comes around.
5. Crying and transfering all my vampire cravings onto the third season of True Blood.

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