The Vampire Diaries Season Finale: What Did You Think?

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Has your heart stopped pounding yet?

Have you picked your jaw up off the floor?

Can you believe the events that unfolded on the season finale of The Vampire Diaries?!?

We're still processing them ourselves, and will present our complete take on "Founder's Day" first thing tomorrow morning. For now, we hope readers are buzzing about it in our Vampire Diaries forum and in the Comments section below.

In three words: Welcome, gulp, Katherine...

Damon on Founder's Day

What did you think of the season finale?

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The episode was AH-MAZING!
I loved it so much and I was so shocked! They made like the best season finale ever! I don't think that GG will reach that :D But I'm very sad that Anna had to die. She was so kind!
And the last few minutes were SO shocking! The John & Katherine scene... OMG! Can't find words! And yaih, Delena look hot, even if it was Katherine :D But when was Katherine invited in?


Words cannot describe how disappointed I was when I saw that it wasn't a Damon and Elena kiss. But other than that, amazing and absolutely incredible episode. I was left breathless. I love you, Damon.


Goodness gracious... Cannot wait until September, just like so many of you!!!! My favourite moment ever was when Stefan tells Bonnie, while running into a burning building: "He's my BROTHER, Bonnie", meaning that he loves him no matter what, no matter how much he tries to hate him all this time... Also, how powerful was the moment when Damon came to Jeremy's room to talk about Anna's death and taking away his memories... Awww... priceless... just priceless...simply breathtaking... In general a "WOW" episode.
I cant seem to notice the moment when Katherine that poses as Elena gazes at his ring while kissing him??? and why does she do that? seriously when they kissed, my heart almost stopped... I went like "nononononono", this really should't be happening, she literally JUST told Stefan like 10 minutes ago that he has NOTHING to worry about, how can THAT be fair??? and wouldn't that be too predictable to go back in the past like that? to have her fool around with 2 brothers like that? or break Stefan's heart like that?
And WTF is Bonnie's deal??? That's really seriously messed up! IMHO that's weird and strange that she'd first save them and then go all witchy-bitchy on Stefan, whats that about??? really hated that. Sorry to say it, honestly, but a part of me wanted her dead! Would not have missed her as much as I WILL miss Anna! RIP Anna, you'll be missed dearly! One of the best TV characters of all time! Great actress IMO!


OMG!!!!! I'm still in shock about the finale!!! It was soooo amazing!!! OMG when I saw the Damon/"Elena" kiss I was like "Noooo you b*tch!!! Don't do this to Stefan!!!!" But when I raelised it was Katherine I was like "Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!!!!!!!!!! Thaaank God" I would love to see Katherine and Elena's meeting though... I mean Elena comes in seeing the death of her father Katherine sees her and says "Hello Elena" but still OMG!!!!


Poor Damon.


IDGAF what anyone says Bonnie was awesome! Love her even more haha. Damon was soo sweet. Even though I hate Delena that kiss would have been cool, but it was Katherine.


not fair!!! what are we to do till SEPTEMBER?!?!


O-M-G!!!! This season finale was epic!!! My Jaw was practically open every 10-15mins!! I was so damn mad when i thought that "Elena" kissed Damon - i was like this bitch ruined everything! She said "i love you" like 4times to Stefan and then she goes kissing Damon?? - But then, when i found out it was katherine :) Thank You :) And omg i got suspicious from the minute john got scared when she found her behind the fridge..i was like since when can she scare people by appearing fast like vampires? I dont know how i can possibly stay alive until september


'Elena' & Damon kiss-
that was EPIC!


The most EPIC season 1 finale ever. Every single storyline was exciting and the last scene was really mindblowing. I had no idea that it was Katherine who was kissed by Damon. And he really did not notice anything? I'm also so thrilled to come to see how the whole werewolf thing is going down. Tyler? That I knew, but his father? And how the hell can they not now what they are? Aren't werewolves supposed to turn once a month?


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