Two and a Half Men Review: "Gumby with a Pokey"

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First off, we want to begin this Two and a Half Men review by first congratulating Charlie Sheen for becoming one of the most over-paid actors with his soon-to-be-announced contract renewal.

The Exes are Back!

If it's anywhere close to the rumored 1.3 million per episode, he'll be putting the cast of Friends to shame.  Don't get us wrong, he's hilarious in the show and the sitcom is the highest-rated on television, but wow that's a lot of money for a single cast member.

Now we just wish him luck in his request to allow smoking in jail while he serves out his plea bargain sentence.  Okay, Charlie Sheen ranting slash ramblings over.

The general trend this season seems to be splitting up the two leading men, Alan and Charlie on their own separate adventures.  This week, Charlie teamed up with the always hilarious Berta when he scored some medicinal marijuana.

Thank goodness for the ridiculous state of California and its ability to provide us with pot plot lines on all our favorite shows.  Charlie being stoned served as an excuse to gather up all of his exes in one house for a very entertaining and fun throwback sequence.

Long time fans of the show were also heavily rewarded at the end when Rose showed up at Charlie's place and turned out not to be a hallucination!  As I'm sure any fan will agree, Rose is end game for Charlie.  None of this Chelsea crap.

Meanwhile, Alan was given a silly road trip plot line with Jake.  Now that Jake is out of those awkward years where he just wasn't funny, the two of these actors actually kept us pretty entertained for a plot where nothing happened.

Overall, it was a pretty decent episode and set us up for a season finale full of the always crazy and entertaining Rose.  Our favorite Two and a Half Men quotes after the jump.

Alan: You might want to eat something so when you throw up later, it won't just be alcohol and stomach juice.
Charlie: Way ahead of you. (holds up drink) I call it an Egg McBorboun. | permalink
Alan: My life isn't over you know.
Jake: Okay.
Alan: What doesn't kill us, makes us stronger.
Jake: Then you must be like the hulk. | permalink
Alan: Let me tell you something young man, chapter two of your father's story hasn't been written.
Jake: Is chapter one, "I crapped my pants?" | permalink
Berta: Man, If I'd known you liked the whacky weed, I wouldn't have spent the last eight years getting baked under the deck. You know, when I was on break. | permalink


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Would you people loosen up, I'm Indian and even I could see the humor in this episode, nothing is funnier than the truth. Being a doctor while answering the phone for customer service was a great depiction of both India and Sri Lanka


Get over yourself you idiots, Gulli Gupta from Sri Lanka was a great sterotype of south asian doctors and their abilities to multitask. It was hilarious.... Youre velcome, come again please!


I'm Sri lankan and i'm proud to be one. I love the show but was offended about the context because we sri lankans are much more cooler than Indians and we don't have the Indian accent infact two people from Sri lanka has headed the oxford union.


I have been watching this show for many years already, and all I can say is when Charlie will change for good? ;-) Charlie however bad his personal life maybe, but onscreen especially in Two & a Half Men, I like his style ;-).. Egg Mc Bourbon!


Jennifer Bini Taylor is the cataylist of Charlie evolving into a better character. He was becoming to be too stale and boring as a womanizing man whore. He is getting old and it would be kind of gross to see a 45 five year old man picking up 20 year old babes. Jennifer makes the show a lot better. I never cared for the show as much, until Chelsea, a woman who can handle Charlie with her wit and figure. She is someone Charlie really needs and wants in his life.
Get Jennifer Bini Taylor back in the show, during the eighth season and get Charlie hitched. It would be funny to see Charlie fumbling through marriage as he did as bachelor!


i watched this episode just now and I as a Sri Lankan is a bit offended with the ignorence of the writer or producer of this episode regarding Dr Gupta and Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka doesnt have Gupta's nor we speak in the Indian Accent.. as a matter of fact Sri Lankans speak English very clearly and it is a bit offensive to hear someone named Gupta with a strong Indian accent portrayed as a Sri Lankan!


I agree with Helanga... I also watch the show every day.... But this part is not true... Sri lankan is not part of India and we do not speak or use Hindi here.. And also names like Gupta are not used for names of sri lankan people...


Both my husband and I love this show and have been watching it for years... But I had to comment on the accuracy of content on this monday's episode regarding the Dr. Gupta from Sri Lanka. 1. There are no Guptas in Sri Lanka.
2. Hindi is not a language used there. (on the background we could see some Hindi text) As most people seem to think, Sri Lanka is not a part of India and is a completely independent country. Our names are different and we speak different languages. While I understand that this is a sitcom and not a documentary, I wanted to put some facts straight.

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Two and a Half Men Season 7 Episode 21 Quotes

Don't take this the wrong way, but I'd rather get a maple syrup enema and sit on an ant pile.


Alan: You might want to eat something so when you throw up later, it won't just be alcohol and stomach juice.
Charlie: Way ahead of you. (holds up drink) I call it an Egg McBorboun.