Which Gossip Girl Season Was Your Favorite?

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Gossip Girl has come a long way since its pilot episode in September 2007.

Back then, the focus was on Serena and why she left town, and whether her stormy past would come back to haunt her. Now, her present is pretty stormy as well.

Then, little Jenny was an innocent Brooklyn girl looking to fit into this glitzy new world. Now, she's morphed into a Grade A badass and has left town, Serena style.

Then, Dan was Lonely Boy. Now, he may be the father of a Little Boy.

Then, Nate Archibald was a stoner with no direction. Now, he's at least attending classes at Columbia sometimes ... we haven't seen this, but he's come a long way.

Then, Blair Waldorf was the prim and proper Queen B, a sassy, sarcastic schemer with a heart of gold. She's still all of these things - but a bit more mature now!

Then, Chuck Bass was a supporting character. Now, he's the heart of Gossip Girl - and his fate hangs in the balance as we await the start of Season Four this fall.

Vanessa ... never mind.

Graduation Day

Blair and Serena graduate in the Season 2 finale (May 2009).

What we're getting at is this: How do you think the just-completed Season Three stacks up with the previous two? Do you think she show is on an upward trajectory?

What changes would you make heading into the fourth season, and what sort of things did you like about Seasons One and/or Two that you see less of now, if any?

We love the show and always have, and feel each season has its merits for different reasons. What do you think? Share your comments and vote in our survey below.

What was your favorite season of Gossip Girl?

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Uche bass

I LOVED SEASON 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! all those HOT HOT HOT SEXY SEXY SEXY (did i say sexy) CHUCK AND BLAIR scenes!!! they were AMAZING!!!!!!! plus it showed the basis of the GREATEST MOST ORIGINAL COUIPLE ON TV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! chuck and blair 4EVA!!!


totaly agree with you, all those things is truee! nate was horrible to blair! chuck and blair all the wayy!
what are you on?


I really feel that this show could really come back with a bang, only if certain things happened. What was great about season 1 and 2 is that all the storylines seemed to naturally flow into eachother. That was something missing in season three. One of the issues was they didn't have the glamorous environment they did in season one and two-- there was no gorgeous upper class sets, there was crappy NYU and rather shabby looking apartments. I mean come on, they're supposed to be the people on top, the ones who have it all. Give them really nice environment and classy parties, not just "cool" ones, but rather expensive ones. Get rid of Vanessa and bring on a new character at Columbia to make Blair's college experience dramatic and more season 1, with Blair ruling the school and acting as bitchy as ever- NO MORE WHINING- I want a solid tone of voice, Leighton, and your infamous gorgeous little smirks. Secondly, Blair's wardrobe reflected this change. Always classy and elegant and TOTALLY enviable, I would lust after her clothes again and again- but this season I don't remember having liked a single outfit. All the characters clothes and makeup need to be updated to fit the CURRENT and hot fashions, but also stick to the really Blair-esque glamour sophistication we all know and love. That includes fixing her hair, god da**it. Thirdly, I want serious thoughts on the storylines, just try to make it more natural. Focus on:
Blair taking over Columbia, and in getting on top and being the glamour girl.
Some thoughts: Have her attaining control and perfection in the social scene, but due to the stress and new environment she's now struggling with an eating disorder and Chuck has to come forward and try to help her through it in a passionate struggle, he should try to win her back all season and make it season 2- esque, and they finally fall back in love after he tries to help her through her disorder. Serena should also come to Colombia and get involved in some weird movement and it conflicts with Blair's agenda to be Queen B, also make them roomates.
Get Nate a part of some elite exclusive little club for really upper class guys, and they put pressure on him to do some pretty conflicting things, and they pressure him to once again be with Blair due to her social standing because they want something, and suddenly they become the "socially perfect" pair and make things complicated because of Chuck's hold on her. Dan and Serena should be together, involve him that way, he should be a part of the school newspaper and get really conflicted about journalistic principles and writing what REALLY happens on Campus, Chuck should simply be a part of Blair's struggles and give them hot love scenes and conflict and jealousy (but NO more scandalous cheating, not kidding writers!) and continue to meddle and plot in all these potential plots, and it will seriously all just flow from there....an entire season would just put itself together.


I loved season 2 with all the Chair drama and ofcourse I was happy to finally see them as a couple in season 3. But the writers kind of ruined a lot because of the lack of passion. I mean we got to see hotter scenes between Danessa (Eeew). And Serena is just not a likeable person anymore. I loved her in season 1 but now she seems even more confused than Nate. I hope for more Chair in season 4 and a Derena reunion. I want more Jenny and please no Vanessa,Scott,Bree,William or Carter. No boring characters steeling screentime from Chair!


what part of Nair do you actually missed on season1?stupid boring Nate cheating on Blair with Her best friend Serena and couldn't even say He loved her or not coming to Blair s 17 th birthday because he didn't want to be with Blair instead of his families insits.Nate never cared about Blair and he broke her heart more than Chuck while Blair was trying to be nice to him.They didn't have even a relationship.The only thing they were sharing was childhood habit.Nair was nothing but boring dull and old.


ugh season 3 had low start. It got better in mid season. What i want in season 4 is less daddy issues with Serena. She needs a better story line. Serena was really interesting in the beginning now she just boring.


I love GG and I have enjoyed all the seasons in different ways.However I must say that season 3 was a little disapointing,We have waited two entire seasons (2 years actually) for CHAIR to get commited for real and the best they can give us is 2 min of chair per episode? And then they try desperatly to elevate ratings by giving chair a lot of confusing, unrealistic, non sense, out of nowhere DRAMA?Really?? In my opinion what we need for season 4 is:
-Chair reunited as soon as posssible (please please don't get them reunited just on season finale)
-Chuck explainning to blair what a hell was he thinking when he traded her for his hotel
-HOT STEAMY scenes between Chair
-Chair scheaming against others
-LESS LESS LESS CHAIR DRAMA, people actually will like to see them happy but not as a 40 year old couple but as CHAIR in its essence
-Queen B ruling over Columbia
-Blair's hairbands back please (her hair was pretty strange this season)
-Blair needs to have a better storyline, focused on her and not on Chuck's drama
-Wild Serena again please
-A Proactive Nate
-Dan more envolved in the UES live, being friend with all the fantastic four ( B,C,N and S)
-No Vanessa or at least less Vanessa
-NO NYU!Columbia all the way
-Mean girls again
-Less parents drama
-Stop filling the show with pointless characters as Scott,Olvia,Bree...
-At least one 90min episode (Grey's anatomy,brothers and sisters,lost,etc all had it,why can't we have it?)


I LOVED season 1 of GG because Blair was QUEEN and showed everyone who's boss and because there was alot of drama! But my favorite and most missed part is Nate and Blair they were soooo perfect the second time around and they would have worked if out wasnt for STUPID chuck. Also season was just EPIC and Gossip Girl was a big part of the show unlike now.
N+B! N+B! N+B! N+B! N+B! N+B! N+B! N+B! N+B! N+B! N+B! N+B! N+B!


"vanessa... never mind" --hahahhahahahhahaa i voted season 1 the best because i loved jenny and blair!! jenny was cute and B was well... Queen. the stories have shifted and it seems they are just trying to hook everyone up together. jenny and chuck in season 3 finale EWWWWWEWEWEW gross. that's an all time low, GG. also, the show doesn't revolve around Gossip Girl anymore. that is the primary base of the books and should be of the show. the show now focuses on developing characters and how their lives are impacted. LAME. give us a little twist, gossip girl!!! ruin some social lives.... whatever is needed to be done.


Season 2. God, chair was so hot, and the episode his father died was just amazing. I cant believe the same writer who wrote 2x13 wrote season 3 finale. ~imchuckbass~ ITA, WHERE ARE THE HOT CHAIR SCENES? I MISS THEM, THE SEXUAL TENSION.


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