Which Gossip Girl Season Was Your Favorite?

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Gossip Girl has come a long way since its pilot episode in September 2007.

Back then, the focus was on Serena and why she left town, and whether her stormy past would come back to haunt her. Now, her present is pretty stormy as well.

Then, little Jenny was an innocent Brooklyn girl looking to fit into this glitzy new world. Now, she's morphed into a Grade A badass and has left town, Serena style.

Then, Dan was Lonely Boy. Now, he may be the father of a Little Boy.

Then, Nate Archibald was a stoner with no direction. Now, he's at least attending classes at Columbia sometimes ... we haven't seen this, but he's come a long way.

Then, Blair Waldorf was the prim and proper Queen B, a sassy, sarcastic schemer with a heart of gold. She's still all of these things - but a bit more mature now!

Then, Chuck Bass was a supporting character. Now, he's the heart of Gossip Girl - and his fate hangs in the balance as we await the start of Season Four this fall.

Vanessa ... never mind.

Graduation Day

Blair and Serena graduate in the Season 2 finale (May 2009).

What we're getting at is this: How do you think the just-completed Season Three stacks up with the previous two? Do you think she show is on an upward trajectory?

What changes would you make heading into the fourth season, and what sort of things did you like about Seasons One and/or Two that you see less of now, if any?

We love the show and always have, and feel each season has its merits for different reasons. What do you think? Share your comments and vote in our survey below.

What was your favorite season of Gossip Girl?

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what I miss in season 3 is the integration of Gossip Girl into the plotline. She was totally absent at least half the season and even after that she was not as important as she has been in season 1/2. Just remember a few things like the pic of J and N at B's 16th B-Day, C texting GG to tell that B had been sleeping with two guys in one week... etc etc. They kinda got her back in the last episode when J texted about Dan/Serena but I would like her to be much more active. The show IS called Gossip Girl after all!!


Great comment! I Agree totally. I mean the plot-lines the g.g writers have been churning out recently are at this point beyond belief! I watch the show more out of habit than entertainment these days, the story-lines can be utterly mind-boggling and confusing and most of all i find myself totally unable to relate to any one of the characters. I really, really hope season 4 can press a lid on this show, set some standard bar for each episode, essentially bringing it more down to earth, this season I've felt the writers just tried to squeeze as much far-fetched drama into every episode possible...and it didn't work.


i'd like to have chuck and blair be the main characters. other characters' stories are boring. like WTF to rufus and lily? they're too old for this teen drama. season 2 was the best cos of the fights and love scenes from Chair. love them!!!


@ Iamchuckbass I am with you!! Exactly this show only needs some really juicy chair hot makeout scenes more than anything.if they give Chair hot scenes the rating will be doubled more than ever so there won't be any need for OMG dramas.


@~imchuckbass~ with you all the way!!!


"Vanessa ... never mind" haha love it !! lmao :) Imo season 1 was the best but i also loved season 2 !! Season 3 was so disappointing ew ... besides the two last eps :p


all i know is that i want more hot and steamy scenes between chuck and blair!!
now whos with mee!?!?!?


season 1 2 3 all were good on their own ways but seriously give a break to that huge drama and try to be stable a little bit on S4 please.We don't want that much dramas.Especially make Chair dramaless scheming funny hot couple.Enough about chair dramas.At leat give Dan or Nate some drama but leave Chair alone and happy.


This is totally off topic but what the heck? Have you all seen the Grey's Anatomy finale? I cried real tears. And that's when I realized how invested I was in the show because I was feeling what the characters were feeling. I was feeling what the WRITERS felt in that finale. For those of us who feel the need to blame the writers because we didn't get the ending that we wanted, place yourself in those writers' shoes. People who, for the sake of entertainment, give pieces of themselves in the material that they put out. It's not okay that Chuck was shot. It was not okay that he had sex with Jenny. It was not okay that Vanessa is a main character. BUT, the writers did what they did for a reason. Plot holes and developments aside, this show has literally grown from high school to college, encountering many, many difficulties, albeit most of which are unrealistic. Even so, there is as much reality in fiction as in life for the former is a creative spin-off of the latter. I give a toast to the second season as the best for its multi-layered exploration of these teenagers at the cusp of growth, maturity, and identity. But I also have to blame you writers, along with my prior defense. You have wasted a great deal of potential by trying to make the characters grow up to fast just because they're not in high school. I will understand what you did if you had put in a 4-year time jump. But you did not. The characters left off just after senior year. You did not have to make them grow up fast. The wiser thing that you should have done is to focus on that particular crossroad: identity and growth. I could do a bit of suspension of disbelief but I will not be played into believing the out-of-this-world storylines you have been churning out into your audience. You have a devoted, albeit small, following. Take care of them. My only wish is for the writers to stop writing for the sake of drama; I believe that Stephanie Savage was too concerned about ratings this season. I have high hopes for season 4. SS and JS, please take a cue from Shonda Rhimes. Cecile von Ziegesar may own Serena, Blair, Nate, Dan, Chuck, and Jenny but you have the actors who portray them onscreen, the closest thing to real life. So grow up, writers, grow with the characters. I do not need superfluous OMFG moments; what I need are characters who are flawed and dangerous and comical and insane and relatable because that's what human beings are. Now THAT is what a DRAMA series is. GG is not, and will never be a soap opera.


My best season would be totally Season 3 if Chair had more than 5 seconds per episode and had hot make out scenes with the sweet bed cuddling scenes.Because Chair in a real relationship is the best for me.I love to see them as a couple.Also the people who thought Chair was boring on s3 was not because they were boring in a relationship.its just because they had only 5 min. per episode without hot make out scenes.Ä°f we could have more than 5 min with hot passionate Chair s3 would be my best.Because I love them in a real relationship with loving and supporting each other.on s2 Chair love developement was really exciting to watch but I am glad they became a couple at last.I hope Chair reunits at s4 at least on the first half of s4 and stay as real loving couple without games.And I hope they have at least 15 min per ep. with hot makeout scenes.
On s3 even Chair had 5 min.They saved the episodes for me.Ä°t was really nice to see them cuddling on a bed or supporting each other,Kissing in public without secretly and admitting their love to each other everytime.S1 was annoying because Chair wasn't really in a relationship.Ä°t was unbearable to see Blair with Nate or the others.Chair belongs together.Let them live happily ever after but Just with long hot scenes.


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