90210 Caption Contest: Volume XII

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Presented with a photo of Ryan higher than Chace Crawford, 90210 readers offered up a bunch of entries for this week's caption contest.

We've got to be honest: many made less sense than Ryan himself in this scene.

But at least user "Mad Rocks" reminded of us a classic Ashton Kutcher movie and won the top prize as a result. His/her submission is below and we thank everyone for playing. Remember to do so every week!

High Ryan


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Mr. M: And THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is why you should never drink beer before liquor ...


Mr M: look look im a bull!
Navid: you're drunk
Ad: omg the bull talks!


mr.M: oh my god (laughs) im so high i love that chace guy! NAVID: The bank gave you drugs? mr.M: nooo that new york gossip person... he is pretty damn handsome in his mug shot! ohhh noo the coppers will find me once chace tells them he gave me druggies!!! HAHAHAHAH COPPERS! Adriana: to navid: just smile and walk away quietly


matthews: i swear to god, this stain is not from the peir's apparent lack of toilet paper in the men's bathroom.


me.mathews: losser losser doubler loser baby bahy ohhh i'm gonnaa tell you one time that there's gonna be one less lonley girl navide: oh so you like like justin adriana :like i luv justin gayber he's so gayyyyyy


These suck.


Ryan: Dawn Schweitzer is a fat virgin.
Adrianna: Still half-true.


Ryan: Losers, losers, losers...


Michael: Ryan, do you feel good? Where were you yesterday?
Jessica: Have you been doing way too much research for your drunk scene?
Ryan: No, I just paid a visit to my friend , Chace... no wait... it's Christopher actually, Crawford. Those Gossip Guys always know how to get the best stuff.


Mr M: Did you know that 1 plus 1 (squeaky voice) equals two
Navid: Are you sure about that mr matthews

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