90210 Caption Contest: Volume XIII

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For the first time in the history of the 90210 Caption Contest, we've awarded this week's winner to the very first entrant.

Indeed, no one could top user Fran's submission, posted underneath the photo below. That probably was akin to what Rob Estes thought throughout his time on the show, as we can't really blame him for leaving.

As always, thanks to everyone that participated and best of luck next time!

Naomi Caption Pic

Harry: This paint brush has gotten more screen time than I have this season. I'm outta here!

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Harry: AHHH It's moving! naomi: Sometimes the GIRLS gotta do EVERYTHING (picks up trash bag)


Naomi: Oh god, it moves
Harry: Naomi, I'm pretty sure that's a wrapper.

Jam ftw

Naomi: I'm looking for something. I think it's down here somewhere.
Harry: Are you offering to sleep with me?


Harry - While you're down there Naomi, do you want to see something else sticky?


NAIOMI: c'mon harry! Everyone knows the Solja Boy dance!!! WHY WE CRANKIN WHY WE ROLL NOW WHY BE YOOOUUUUUU! Harry: That.was.innapropreite....im gonna go paint the town pink now...


NAIOMI: Ewwww its last season's chanel pin stripe suit! Harry: Let this be a warning. If you don't clean up our school, im making you wear this next week...all week! Naiomi: SICK! WHERES THE TRASH?! IVVVVYYY COME HERE FOR A SEC!


HARRY: What's in that trash bag? looks like a body... NAIOMI: Ohhh its just Ivy and this girl Vanessa Abrams from New York...i lugged her from east to west coast just to throw them out. HARRY: You can't do that why?--(sees girls) ohh ummm carry on.. (whistles) NAIOMI: Ok you girls look sooo trashy! HHAHA


Naomi: Oh my god, I'm going to die! Ew!
Harry: You're wearing gloves.
Naomi: Um, no. I'm dressed worse than Ivy.


Naomi: "California gurls
We're so sexy
When we pick up trash like Naomiiiiiiiiiiiii."
Harry: You really need to get another hobby...


Harry: Naomi, why are you putting Ivy's clothes in the trash bag?
Naomi: Have you seen them? They are trash worthy...Hell! They ARE trash!

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How's your nerd?

Austin [to Naomi]

I'm gonna kill Dixon.