90210 Caption Contest: Volume XIV

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Well played, "maggieh10."

This TV Fanatic called out 90210 on this week's Caption Contest, taking the show to task for how it often resorts to desperate gimmicks (girls kissing.. girls fighting...) in the name of ratings.

It was enough to garner her the top spot for this edition. Congratulations and best of luck to all participants next week! We hope you come back and play again!

Fight Pic

Liam: Naomi, why do we have to do this. We look stupid.
Naomi: Ratings.

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....it was a reference from gossip girl 2x2!!!! hope you enjoy it


What's this? Liam's teacher and Ivy's mother are dating? And Naomi and Liam are soon-to-be exes? And Naomi and the teacher are in a book club? Now there's a novel plot twist! you know you love me,
gossip girl


IVY: Oh my god I think someone should call the Animal Control! (chuckles) LIAM: It's ok. I got that covered, they should be here soon. You should probably leave before she starts foaming at the mouth...


ivy: What is she doing? NAOMI: AHHHHHHHHH LIAM: Her "Desperete Times Desperate Measures" routine,
1. Run and scream towards the victim
2. Feel bad, cry, and apologize
3. Get mad for apologizing and make out...which leads to #4
4. Angry, hot makeup sex
The routine goes usually up to 20 minutes, every monday. IVY: Wow, I can't believe you deal with this bitch! Im outta here!


Naomi:(sees liam and ivy talking) aaaaaaaaaaaaaa (charges towards them) aaaaaaaaaaaaah!
Ivy: UM.....liam?!
Liam: (Sees Naomi) Oooh, she's ready for anger sex, thats number 8 on the list (walks towards Naomi).


Naomi: You better bring it.
Ivy: Oh, it's already been brought-en.


SEGALL: Ohhh goodie! french fries! (goes down closer) Aw its just a crazy giirl....Damn not again!


HERMIT CRAB ON GROUND: When will the boy-crazed bimbos leave me alone and stop waking up my neighbors!!! OWWWW THERE GOES MY EYE!!!


NAOMI: (singing I'm Like A Bird) IVY: Oh, god not again.... LIAM: Naomi, listen to me, you will NEVRE EVER EVER WIN AMERICAN IDOL! ok sweetie? lets go have sex in the ocean... IVY: PIGS


Naomi: Bitch that is my suit!! Liam: Naomi, it makes you look fat anyways!!

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How's your nerd?

Austin [to Naomi]

I'm gonna kill Dixon.