90210 Casting for Childhood Friend of Ivy

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Season three of 90210 will feature the highs and lows of senior year, according to a recent CW press release.

It will also delve deeper into the character of Ivy, as viewers will meet an 18-year old childhood friend of this character's in the fall. A casting notice describes him as “one part Talented Mr. Ripley, one part young Johnny Depp, and all parts sexy.”

Also, British. That last part narrows down the field a bit, but any suggestions on who should fill this role?

Ivy Picture

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hugh dancy was his name (the guy in ella enchanted) perfect but isnt he a little bit too old...born in 1975


ThaT guy from "Ella enchanted" don't know his name but he was the prince to anne hathaway's character


They should get Mitch Hewer or someone of that nature!!

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I'm gonna kill Dixon.