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We had so much hope for 90210 this season. The show narrowed its focus to its new, core characters; it set up a storyline that would take Annie to a dark place; and brought in Jen Clark to serve as the show's resident villain.

In the end, though, these developments didn't add up to a particularly exciting season. We examine why in this TV Fanatic Report Card (previous site evaluations include The Vampire Diaries and The Good Wife)...

Best character: Naomi. She's still written too inconsistently, as the show either portrays her as an outright bitch or a a total humanitarian. It needs to find a nuanced balance. But producers made the right decision in shifting the focus from the boring Wilsons to the more interesting Clarks, at least.

Worst character: Annie. She was too sunny in season one, too dour in season two. The hit-and-run angle never came together, and Shenae Grimes never sold her character's state of mind. She over-acted in every scene, an especially troubling fact because this lengthy storyline required subtle, ongoing pain, something Grimes most definitely does not specialize in.

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Best episode: To Thine Own Self Be True. Silver and Kelly buried their mother during this installment. We got a glimpse at some seriously heartfelt acting by Jennie Garth and Jessica Stroup.

Best storyline: Gia and Adrianna... at least for a couple episodes. We were happily proven wrong about this relationship, as it came across as more than a ratings stunt. At first, 90210 treated the gals with the same time and respect as any other relationship. But it then made Gia out to be an insecure cheater and quickly jettisoned her from the cast. It would have been nice to really dedicate many months to this unique dating arrangement.

Hopes for 2010-2011: Slow things down, couples break up and get back together on an almost-weekly basis. Viewers need reasons to care about relationships, which can only happen if they remain steady. Also, give us some actual bad boys or girls. There's very little conflict between friends and characters. We need some trouble makers to stir things up.

Grade for season two: C. Look, we don't need this to be as extreme as Gossip Girl. But we do need more original, suspenseful storytelling. Teddy's father doesn't want his son seeing Silver? Liam's birth dad shows up for five seconds, then leaves? Deb barely smooches her Yoga instructor? This is boring, mundane, cliched material.

The one supposedly significant storyline, Annie's hit-and-run, resulted in absolutely no pay-off. The show has a lot riding on Naomi's season-concluding rape now, as fans won't stick around for much longer if this risky situation is not handled well.

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I love Shenae but they could do a little better with Annie's storylines and Shenae's acting is not bad to me at all but I agree with the rest of the article except the Naomi thing. I hate her.


I would give D if i were writers at tvfanatic.


I agree with them. The breaking up and getting back together after a few episodes is getting annoying and uninteresting. Are there even good and long-time storylines ? The actors aren't really convincing. I don't like Shenae Grimes acting. Maybe it's cause her character is so boring but I just don't like her on screen. AnnaLynne McCord's acting also isn't the best but her character Naomi is the most interesting in this show. I hope they will broaden the rape storyline with her.

Matt richenthal

@Lia: It's a hard choice, that's for sure. Both actresses are awful, over-reacting in every single scene.


honestly NOTHING interesting happens in that show, i'm more entertained watching my neighbors living their own lives...
i really don't get why they renewed it, the ratings suck!


I can't stand Annalyne McCord's portrayal of Naomi. She is to over the top to be believable and I don't buy the relationship with Liam for a second. She also looks too old to be believable as a high-school student and has zero chemistry with Liam; I never for a second really believed that Liam was really smitten with Naomi, he has much more chemistry with Annie. The writing for Annie's character has been shaky at best, but I prefer Shenae Grimes over Annalyne anytime.


Also I would give this season a D+. 90210 season two started off so strong, and then it came back from it's three month hiatus really horrible again. I won't be back for next season.


@J You really think Annie is the best character? Wow, I agree that she is the worst. Her stupid hit-and-run story line should have been resolved months ago instead it's getting dragged into season 3. Her awful "I'm on crack" fountain scene with Liam made me cringe. Annie sucks.

Matt richenthal

I'd love to hear what made Annie entertaining for you, J. By all means, elaborate.


whoever wrote this analysis got it all totally wrong!
best character naomi? seriously
best was annie, she wasnt the worst
the worst story line was deffo NOT ade and gia

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