ABC's New Summer Season: FAIL!

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Perhaps Rookie Blue can save ABC's much-hyped summer season.

After publicizing the premieres of new shows Scoundrels and The Gates for many weeks, the network saw each crash and burn in the ratings game last night, both finishing behind reruns of other shows. Final figures are below...

9 p.m.
Law & Order: Criminal Intent: 6.4 million
Scoundrels: 5.1 million
Cold Case: rerun: 4.7 million
Family Guy rerun: 4.5 million/American Dad rerun: 3.8 million

10 p.m.
Cold Case rerun: 4.8 million
The Gates: 4.6 million
Law & Order: Criminal Intent: 3.4 million

Bunch of Scoundrels

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I just don't get it... people spent all last year b**ching about not having new shows on cable networks - and complaining that all they get is reality junk. NOW... ABC has given us two really good shows that I am really enjoying to see where they go and people still don't tune in!!!!!? why is that? Granted: they are on against True Blood on a sunday - maybe thursdays or mondays would have worked better but sill...... SHAME ON YOU VIEWERS!!! SHAME. ON. YOU!


Believe it or not it was not bad for Scoundrels considering they had less promotion than The Gates and ranked in more. To me Sundays was a bad day to put new shows on in the summer to begin with. And considering the main competition than for both is True Blood and The Tudors, it actually isn't bad.

Matt richenthal

@amy: There are no network shows that only have one million people watching them. Five million may sound like a lot of viewers to you, but it's a paltry figure for a network drama, especially a new series airing against reruns.
Almost any hour-lonh series that averages under six million viewers gets canceled. That's just a fact.


i don't think that the ratings are that bad because 5 million people wathed and i don't think that is a faiure. if it was 1 million than i would say failure.