Actually, Charice WILL Recur on Glee!

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At first, Charice was going to recur on Glee next season.

Then, the singer shot down this rumor on Twitter late last month, writing: "I just want to let you all know that it’s not true that I’m going to be on Glee. How I wish!"

Now, again, it appears as though this wish has come true: Michael Ausiello confirms that the Filipino international singing sensation WILL actually recur on season two of this Fox smash.

Sources say this international star - whose full name is Charice Pempengco - will play a foreign exchange student whose talent irks Rachel and causes our favorite New Directions member to think seriously bitter thoughts.

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Is this a good casting decision? Sounds like the perfect news item to sound off about in our NEW GLEE FORUM! We'll meet you there.

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i love charice :D


@noshadesofgray: Botox is for treatment of TMJ (jaw problem), migraine, wrinkles. Charice's face at 18 is wrinkle-free, she has no migraine, but she had TMJ. Botox was for the TMJ - the reason she had the treatment. The beauty aspect was incidental, and the doctor chose to focus on that, and convinced Charice to go on camera to advertise it. Naive as she was, she agreed, to the doctor's advantage (more patients). Charice also had Thermage to treat her acne caused by stress and lack of sleep (would you want to go on Glee with your skin breaking out?) This issue keeps on being resurrected and is already stale news. How about focusing instead on the various charitable work of Charice, articles on which is very very scarce.


@NoshadesOfGrey bohoo! i guess you don't know why did charice had that procedure because your IMBECILE. FYI she has a bruxism(And because your dumb, you don't know what bruxism is) and that procedures is for the good improvement of her health. So DOn't act that you KNOW her but your not. Get lost! Your just jelous. LOL


May Charice be guided to be a role model on Confidence and gratefulness for what God has given her, not insecurity and vanity as the ails in showbiz and celebrities! There will always be detractors and jealous people, but they are simply the unhappy, unappreciative and untalented ones! Think of Ellen de Generes, Oprah, David Foster, Celine Dion, Josh Groban, Bocelli and many other humble, appreciative, grateful, talented, generous, happy people!!! Many Filipinos are ungrateful, unappreciative, envious, jealous and unhappy, vain and crazy morons, not stopping at very unhelpful, unnecessary and stupid criticisms and comments! they are all over the world, but of course, not only filipinos are, but many! They don't want their favorites outshined by someone, and that someone should be at the top of the league! This is nothing new to push you guys and gals! Tangkilikin ang sariling atin, especially if he/she is bringing honor and pride to the country and people! Humility is the key for everything and for everyone! Charice is a unique talent, extraordinary! am 60yrs old but still feeling young as I do not have children of my own. I had several favorite singers from old in the 50's and onwards till at present, but very, very few voices that can chill you to the bones! And goosebumps! Excellent singing live!!!!


Styles....... you nailed them all! Charice God-given talent is puuure goldmine! Her persona is one of a kind, maybe she is not endowed with that vital statistics and face like Beyonce, but any pure talent does not need to sell her physical acrobats or sexuality as well on stage or video to attract fans, it just does distract your focus on the musical or vocal ability of a singer! It has annoyed me a lot in the past! with music, you just want to listen to beautiful singing, good songs and good magical singing voice in whatever tempo you wish it for!
charice has them all and she will continue to shine! God bless her more! Just be not affected anymore by vanity, vanity, which brings insecurity and ruin! It's important who the people you are with, she has 50 godmothers and godfathers on her baptism, why the big influence on her by one vain and screwed-up woman of a cosmetic surgeon? most definitely, it's for publicity! what was worst was convincing charice to have the tv cameras on!utterly wrong!!!!


Filipinos criticize a lot. From looks to the size of the person to the clothes they wear... and Charice, and every individual who has grown up in the PI feels the need to look perfect so that they won't be criticized. It's sad that filipinos don't support fellow filipinos in the beginning... and when that someone is successful, those filipinos who criticized Charice will suddenly "support" Charice just because the world is celebrating her. As a filipino, I experience this kind of pressure too, but it's up to the person if she'll give in. In her case, she did give in by getting Botox and Thermage (I think). But the blame shouldnt be on her. It's the people who made her feel little, telling her that her round face won't get her anywhere. With her talent, she doesn't need to care about other people's opinions. She's probably one of the youngest filipinos, if not the only one, to make it big in the USA. Unlike Sarah Geronimo and Regine Tolentino who are also extremely talented, Charice has targeted the international audience instead of just the Filipinos, that is the one thing that she managed to do that veteran singers/actors/directors didn't, and guess what... she made it big.


This just in: Charice Pempengco recently underwent 2 non-invasive cosmetic procedures in preparation for her stint on GLEE: Thermage & Botox at the Belo Medical Clinic (in Manila) to downplay/reduce her round face. When asked why she went through with it, the young 18 year old singer replied "It's because she feels the huge pressure to live up to the beauty of Rachel Berry." Yes, admittedly, she does have a round face. But common, SO WHAT?! I don't know about you guys but I feel she is sending out an entirely different message to the young GLEEKS all over the world who are sold on the show's premise that only you have the power to BELIEVE in yourself and all your beauty & strength. The message Charice sends out is one of insecurity, worthlessness and hyprocrity. I think she would have been perfect for the part had she gone just as she was, round face, baby fat and GOLDEN VOICE. She would have convinced me more that anything and everything IS POSSIBLE regardless of race, color, face size and body fat. Perhaps she would have been an inspiration to the millions of young Asians & Filipinas who go through the same & far worse insecurities. Hell, Amber Riley (aka. Mercedes) wasn't asked by the casting director to lose weight, and God forbid, take whitening pills!!! She was hired because of her SHEER TALENT! I am terribly disappointed by the unprudent decision of Charice and outraged by the the doctor (Vicki Belo) who told Charice that her face size was not normal. i was hooked on the premise of the show that being (comfortable with) yourself and your talents/abilities won't ever go out of style. What happens to that message now when you have a new comer undergo a cosmetic procedure just because of sheer PRESSURE to look good in her debut on the show?! The writers of GLEE should seriously rethink the character Charice will play and the person portraying it. As an audience, we want a GENUINE message, played by a real life actor who doesn't cower at the thought that she will be solely judged by the size of her face and has no amount of confidence in her singing talent and ability to deliver. Thanks for reading.


@ rinat It's ok , you don't have to know who the hell she is because she doesn't know you at all.


I don´t understand why Gleek fans are becoming defensive and mostly ctiticizing Charice talents. She will be there to make Lea Michele role looks good, because her role can be annoying once in a while, actually most of the time. So relax. Charice will not be there forever, she´s just passing by for her future plans.


Gah nooo not Charice :(

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[to Finn] You know, I don't really know what's going to happen between us, but I know that you used to be the guy that would make me feel like the most special girl in the whole world, and it doesn't feel that way anymore. Now it just feels sad and confusing. And the worst part is that it doesn't even feel that bad anymore.


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