Actually, Charice WILL Recur on Glee!

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At first, Charice was going to recur on Glee next season.

Then, the singer shot down this rumor on Twitter late last month, writing: "I just want to let you all know that it’s not true that I’m going to be on Glee. How I wish!"

Now, again, it appears as though this wish has come true: Michael Ausiello confirms that the Filipino international singing sensation WILL actually recur on season two of this Fox smash.

Sources say this international star - whose full name is Charice Pempengco - will play a foreign exchange student whose talent irks Rachel and causes our favorite New Directions member to think seriously bitter thoughts.

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Is this a good casting decision? Sounds like the perfect news item to sound off about in our NEW GLEE FORUM! We'll meet you there.

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I hope Charice will not stay in GLEE permanently. But no doubt being in Glee is a good training ground for her future plans. But I do think, she is doing fine on her own. Charice is so talented and I´m a bit afraid that her success will be glued in GLEE. This sort of broadway series is used to rehearsals after rehearsals and all the cast members are getting used to it. Seems to me, that once you separate them nobody will really stand out. If you asked them to sing or dance without rehearsing it, I think they will be frozen on the spot. This is why I like Charice, she´s truly a versatile singer. You can put her in any venue and she´ll fit right in and adjust rightaway without too much of a problem. About her looks which seems to be the discussion around here. OMG, I saw her in person, this girl is so cute and petite, very charming indeed. Her beauty is unique and natural, she has a nice skin and don´t need being cover by lots of make-up. And one more thing I can´t say that those permanent cast members have a beauty like Elizabeth Taylor of Cary Grant either. Charice is actually prettier than most of them.


She's famous in America because she's talented. American singers her age aren't actually talented. (Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, Ke$ha...) In the Philippines, looks matter. A lot. More than talent sometimes. Not that looks aren't valued in America, but when you have unique talent like her, she's more Biana Ryan/ Susan Boyle famous. The 'not so TV pretty' ones with the voices that increase your heart rate. But I wish it was just a guest spot. I'd like to see the characters Ryan Murphy has already created develop more.


I don't care much for her, but I really like how much recognition it'll bring to the Philippines. Unless they a pull Ms. Saigon/ Lea Salonga on us and introduce her character as Vietnamese or Thai or something.


@gLeek You say that you are not anti-charice, yet you characterize her as a "knock-off." The fact that she can emulate her idols to such perfection and in her own style is talent at its finest. This shows that she has the ability to change her voice to a particular tone if the song demands it. This is what one calls versatility and not many singers are capable of doing this. In fact, I really do not know of any other singer that can accomplish such vocal acrobatics – lol. This versatility allows her to sing songs of all genres, be it jazz, rock, pop, country or even rap. Moreover, the ability to be able to emulate others means she has an excellent ear for music and sound, which is why when David Foster asks her to sing a song in a certain arrangement, she executes with precision on the first try. What defines Charice is not only her singing, but her ability to bring a particular personality, passion and feeling to each and every song that she sings. In essence, unlike the common imitator (who just sings by mimicking the voice of the original singer) Charice seems to adapt herself to her songs, both on an emotional and physical level. In essence, she becomes one with the song. This is undeniable talent and cannot be compared with those who just imitate. The other attribute to remember is that she does not sing with an accent. If one wants to make it in the North American market, they must be able to lose the accent. Singers like Celine Dion are the few exceptions to the rule. Charice, is the total package and then some. To qualify her abilities on the same level as that of the common imitator and/or "knock-off" is not only wrong, but, down right ridiculous. The latter would be like comparing apples and oranges. Charice, is talent personified. Imitators are just copycats. The qualities of Charice: a) A 10 octave voice - "She’s one of only a small handful of singers worldwide that has a 10 octave voice. What does that mean? It means that she can do things with her voice that almost no one else can do. She can hit high C sharp, and sing incredibly deep and loudly. A piano has as 7.5 octave range;" b) The ability to sing in any genre - POP, Rock, Jazz, Country and even Rap; c) The ability to be able to sing a song in a different language and nail it; d) The ability to have an unbelievable ear for music and sound which lends to vocal versatility; e) The ability to be able to make themselves one with the song, both on an emotional and physical level; f) The ability to be able to have tremendous stage presence - which is often confused by a lot of Filipinos as being arrogant and/or mayabang. We in the west call it confidence; g) The ability to sing better live than in studio; h) The ability to dance; i) The ability to be able to sing in a cappella at any given time;and j) To be extremely grounded and humble; @gLeek, From a logical standpoint, in order for your "knock-off" statement to have any merit, you will need to show the singer who has the same qualities as the above and who Charice has copied -lol. Let me save you some time. She doesn't exist. Even Lea Salonga has stated that Charice is "insanely talented" or are you going to tell me now that she did that for ratings - lol. At the end of the day for your knock-off statement to have any merit, you will need to be able to have a singer in PI that can exe


@gLeek With all do respect, I will defer to those in the professional arena to ascertain the popularity of an artist. In the same breath that you indicate the statistics are superficial, one can also say that opinions such as what you have described are clouded in subjectivity. I have spoken with many Americans and Canadians (non Filipinos, Filipinos and other cultural persuasions) who think Charice is one of the hottest artists out right now and that she has a very promising career. I also spoke with many Filipinos in PI and they say the same thing. As for being the brunt of many crude jokes, don't even get me started with the type of jokes or insults I read about Sarah or Regine among Filipino and non Filipinos. While at the end of the day it is all relative and opinions and/or conclusions will be subjectively based, the one very important qualifying factor (that cannot be ignored) is that there is more factual evidence that points to the rise of Charice's popularity as opposed to the contrary. Like yourself, I am just calling it how I see it.


By the way, I'm in no way anti-Charice. I'm just calling it like I see it (as most of the people here are doing as well).


@JD: Unfortunately, sales records do not really give much merit of indication of actual fan base. It's a superficial statistic and can be very easily altered or fabricated. I would advise being more observant of people and the popular trend, rather than citing figures like that. If one asserts premises like that using figures and statistics, look carefully at the medium it was obtained from. More often than not, the record company (i.e. Star Records) may be directly connected to the publishing source (i.e. newspapers, internet sites, et al), so I wouldn't put much premium on what they have to say. Conflict of interest? Concert attendees; that is even more dubious than record sales statistics -- common sense will tell you. PR and talent agencies can so easily fabricate either number of seats "sold" (you won't believe the huge percentage of local concert tickets allotted that are given away for free) or the attendance rate they announce after the concert. Often, agencies do both. Postulate your conclusions based on the public pulse. Twitter followers; so what? The young people harrumph and scoff whenever she appears on television. Her song/s (we have no idea, save for that "Pyramid" single) are not on the top of radio request lists, independent or mainstream (not the rigged ones). Charice Pempengco is the more often than not, the butt of very crude jokes. It's not looking very good for her (in the country). I don't know why you mentioned Vanessa Hudgens, Nicole Scherzinger or Enrique Iglesias though. I'm entirely apathetic to them, for the record. Although I will definitely agree with you on Sarah Geronimo and Regine Velasquez. In my opinion, they are just poor knock-offs of talents like Lea Salonga. Same goes for Charice Pempengco; another knock-off. But, in as much as I regret to admit, Sarah Geronimo has a more established following than Charice Pempengco; it's because there's more to talent than just what meets the eyes, the ears, or record and concerts "sales" figures.


@gLeek and @All 4 CHAIR & ST.BERRY(wishes to control TV shows) You two crabs are a joke. Your statements that imply her PI fan base consists mainly of old people and that she has no IT Factor is a load of crap! Her 2009 Album released under Star Records was the best selling Album in 2009 in PI. Her international release under Reprise Record has been #1 in PI for one month and still holds that position. Do I need to show you video clips of young Filipinos showing up when she gives concerts in PI? Why don’t you both go to her twitter account @officialcharice and see who is following her? Better yet why don't you both tell the cyber world what you really mean, that is, she does not live up to the beauty standards of the Philippine entertainment industry i.e. have that Mestiza beauty look which is why you look down on her. By the way, sorry to disappoint the both of you or pop your bubbles, but, your so-called mestizos and mestizas are not really that because they still look Filipino - lol. The real mestizos and mestizas (whether you like to believe it or not) are people who have Filipino blood but do not look Filipino (i.e. Vanessa Hudgens, Nicole Scherzinger, Enrique Iglesias just to name a few) and the PI entertainment has very few entertainers with this characteristic and you both know it. As for your so-called talent, I have seen your entertainers on youtube i.e. Sarah G, Regine - sorry but (with the exception of Ledesma and Salonga) the rest are noise pollution - lol. They may have the so-called appearance but they have no major talent to speak of. Btw I am a pure mestizo (in its truest sense) so there are no genetic biases here. Some of you people in the Philippines are really pathetic and are embarrassment to other Filipinos and to the country itself. You are so superficial that you give a new meaning to the word plastic. Charice, will succeed not because she is cute but because her talent is undeniable. In the words of Lea Salonga, “at the end of the day if you’re just so insanely talented, you cannot be ignored.�


Meh, I mean new characters are great and all but it doesn't give characters like Matt, Mike, Tina and others to develop much, ya know?


ASIANS in entertainment never really made it in mainstream USA. The stereo type, tall, beautiful , blue eyed , african -american macho,the latinos have been entrenched in America. ASIANS are novelties ! Let us see if Charice can break ground . Mainstream USA seem very far for this young girl from tiny Philippines.

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