Alex to Continue Mourning Izzie on Grey's Anatomy

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Katherine Heigl is gone from Grey's Anatomy, but not forgotten.

This is particularly true for her co-star and on-screen husband.

"I miss her all the time," Justin Chambers told E! at the Maui Film Festival. "Katherine's such a great actor. She's so fun to work off of. I really miss working with her."

We've seen the last of their on-screen romance ... but we haven't heard the last of it. As we know, Alex called out for Izzie when he was shot in the Season Six finale.

"I think that's a couple on TV that people will always remember," he said. "There's not much Alex without her. I think he'll be mourning Izzie for the next two seasons."

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Katherine Heigl's exit from Grey's Anatomy was an ongoing saga.

Chambers also defended his friend, who was originally due to return in the second half of this past season but ultimately did not, against her many critics in the press.

"She admits that she has a mouth on her, but she's got a heart that's much bigger than her mouth," he said. "It's unfair because I think people have taken her the wrong way."

"She's actually a good person. She's very funny and very kind."

Do you miss Izzie? Should the show continue to explore Alex's feeling for her next season, or have him make a clean break emotionally? Discuss.

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I think that katherine heigl is an ungrateful bitch for leaving; i hate when celebs abandon shows that made them famous! that aside, i think that heigl has to come back! the alex/izzie love story is one of the main reasons why i watch the show! and if they weren't going to tie that up properly, then they should have just killed her off in a sad, meaningful way from the cancer and let the marriage end without the bitchy izzie behavior (leaving the husband who stood by you through it all). and on another note, if heigl really wasn't coming back, they would have just continued the alex/lexie love story without him calling out to izzie, that's just a set up for the next season reuninion


i just want KH back bcoz thr is lot more left btwn alex n izzie,n i hate shonda for giving such a bad exit to her,hw izzie can be so selfish to send divorce paper its really not digestable,plzzz bring izzzie back n at least give a respectful ending to A\I relationship


really dont care abt sloan n lexie....they got together for the wrong reasons right from start. u guys may ignore it but he's old!!! give alex a happy ending, if not with lexie, with someone good. its been 7 seasons and he's not happy with anyone. wake up guys, if u want lexie n sloan together, u gotta find someone good for alex. at this point, i dont think even she is good enough for him


BRING IZZIE BACK. I miss Alex and Izzie.


There's only one Izze and that's KH. I refuse to watch another Izzie. I'm expecting her/KH to guest star back in over the next two seasons; maybe develop Izzie's daughter's bone marrow transplant storyline??? KH won't be back for a full season unfortunately and with Ellen P signalling moving on in two years then it may well be "bye bye GA". Izzie's definitely missed tho' as is George and for me, Burke. I just watch DVD collection to cope anyway - a bit like taking a "pill" lol.


@ jr Do you know Katherine Heigl? Or do you believe the media hype that comes around regarding her? You shouldn't make an assumption based on the media because they twist things about actors. I don't know her but the maternity leave/exit from GA wasn't handled well which is why a ton of ppl hate Izzie. Katherine Heigl decided that there are other things more important in her life which fans or haters may see as selfish. Again I can't judge her as a person because I don't know her and I understand that there will always be people that hate Izzie. But sometimes it makes me feel that I have to say something. I get that Katherine Heigl will NEVER come back on grey's full time but she did say she would do guest appearances if she was asked. I feel that KH will always have a debate for as long as the show will run. Oh well


this is the problem: everybody miss IZZIE but katherine heigl dont want back. easy solution: bring back izzie but not katherine heigl, i means, find another actress for the role, another amazing blondi for izzie character. and all we happy


she should back for the next 2 seasons. she is the center of the show and alex's life
we need izzie come back


Izzie is gone... Let's let her stay gone.


KH Killers movie was number 1 in the UK last week. But the takings were very low last week. The main star mentioned for this film seems to be Ashton Kucher, not KH. I started going off Izzie as a character when the Gizzie plot started. I just felt bad for Callie, who seemed to be a bit desperate to have married George. Then Denny was revived and that just got Izzie way too much screen time. Feel bad for Alex now. He'll be devastated when Izzie doesn't turn up to check on him after that shooting.

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