Alex to Continue Mourning Izzie on Grey's Anatomy

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Katherine Heigl is gone from Grey's Anatomy, but not forgotten.

This is particularly true for her co-star and on-screen husband.

"I miss her all the time," Justin Chambers told E! at the Maui Film Festival. "Katherine's such a great actor. She's so fun to work off of. I really miss working with her."

We've seen the last of their on-screen romance ... but we haven't heard the last of it. As we know, Alex called out for Izzie when he was shot in the Season Six finale.

"I think that's a couple on TV that people will always remember," he said. "There's not much Alex without her. I think he'll be mourning Izzie for the next two seasons."

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Katherine Heigl's exit from Grey's Anatomy was an ongoing saga.

Chambers also defended his friend, who was originally due to return in the second half of this past season but ultimately did not, against her many critics in the press.

"She admits that she has a mouth on her, but she's got a heart that's much bigger than her mouth," he said. "It's unfair because I think people have taken her the wrong way."

"She's actually a good person. She's very funny and very kind."

Do you miss Izzie? Should the show continue to explore Alex's feeling for her next season, or have him make a clean break emotionally? Discuss.

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I don't miss Izzie, I don't want her back, and I want Alex to find a real woman that DOES love him and not be second choice. Izzie can be happy with Denny in Fantasy-land.


I think it's natural for Alex to pine for Izzie, even if it does annoy the fans. Alex loved Izzie and married her - something he would never have considered doing before her. Without the love he had with Izzie, he wouldn't be the man he is today. You don't just wake up one day and decide to get over someone. It is a process, so it shouldn't come as a big surprise to anyone that he's going to miss her. Is he the one who told her to stay gone? Yes. But that doesn't mean he's over her and it hurts any less. Stop watching if you must. True fans of a television show stick with it even when they don't agree 100% with the decisions of the writers.


I actually miss Izzie and at the finale when Alex called her name. I actually thought that maybe she would come back, for maybe one or two more episodes to see Alex. I really wish she can come back for atleast to guest star for an episode or more next season. I really miss her. And it would be better. She could come back and end things with Alez better and still stay friends with him. I miss Izzie and Alex together.


i really wish izzie didnt leave that way!Katherine Heigl should hv stayed a bit longer to end the relationship in the right way or something else...i miss izzie!!hope one day she will return as a guest star!i am sure justin chambers wont mind that!


I feel like they owe it to Alex to have him move on and find a new love interest. It's obvious that Izzie is never coming back to the show and to torment him with her memory is just dragging things out. I think he should grieve the loss of the relationship for a short time, but not for two seasons. That would be ridiculous and entirely too long.


KH doesn´t deserve to be better paid for a job she doesn´t want. It´s not fair for the actors that are still in the show, like Justin Chambers. Miss Big Mouth doesn´t deserve to be treated like the star of the show, please...
I think that Justin deserves a better storyline for Alex...and he´s a great husband and father. Not all the actors would lose the chance to be a big movie star to raise their children, which tells us how good is Justin.


I would like to say to everyone who seems angry at Katherine and calls her a bitch that they r wrong. Sure she could have handled the leaving part of grey's better, but that's just how it is. And just beacuse she wanted to leave a show doesn't mean she's a bitch, and sure it was this show that was her "BIG Break" but that doesn'tmean that she's a bitch for leaving it! And I'm one of those who want her back on the show, cuz I miss T.R and the old gang! And Izzie is one of my fav carachters (from the early years of greys), now my fav i Calzona cuz they are so bright and shiny breeze, just like Izzie was in the beginning! So Can you just give her a break? C'mon! If she comes back, I couldn't be happier. If she don't, well I just wish that shell keep on doing what she is doing now, shooting movies cuz Those that she's chosen this far has been GREAT and so funny!


I would have rather had Izzie die from the cancer than just leave the way she did. She left us all hanging. Although -- this leaves the door open for a comeback I suppose. But, by then we all may be over it.


I am the biggest Izzie fan but I am so angry the way she left. I think she owed it to her fans to stick it out for the rest of the season and give us the closure. I hold out hope that she'll return someday -- it's been done in other shows but I am really disappointed in her. Regardless, I am a huge fan of hers!


katherine heigl is a BIA TCH but izzie is so great. want her back!

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