Burn Notice Casting Scoops: Jon Seda, Tim Matheson and Garrett Dillahunt

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A few Burn Notice casting notes to pass along:

  • John Seda (pictured) will guest star on the hit series this season. He'll play a character named Cole, a disgruntled former Marine who now works as a murderer for hire.
  • Tim Matheson will reprise her role as Larry Sizemore.
  • Garrett Dillanhunt will appear again as jailbird Simon.
Jon Seda

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I don't like this new kid, his appearance is "off putting". John and Ravi I really like but the problem with the new guy is he can't act his way out of paper bag and he looks as if he should be a bouncer on CSI Miami. NO NO NO this is all wrong. There is something all awry about this season and I can't put my finger on exactly what it is. Are the cast members feuding? Everybody looks very uncomfortable, maybe it's just the show is running its course and the spark is gone.


Tim Matheson will reprise "her" role? Heheheh! That will be a surprise to him!
Looking forward to seeing Simon again and this new guy - mmm-mmm-mmm!

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