Chace Crawford Steps Out in Milan

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Fresh off his recent arrest for marijuana possession, Chace Crawford cleaned up nicely and hit up the Dolce & Gabbana VIP Room at Milan's fashion week on Saturday.

Here's a picture of the Gossip Girl hottie with actress Rachel Weisz ...

Chace Crawford and Rachel Weisz

Chace Crawford and his man-bangs take Milan.

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WAIT. Are you saying he was in Milan, which is the city where I live, and I didn't know? o.o Merde! Well, I couldn't have join the party anyway -.-


He looks to happy to be standing next to her! He looks starstruck!! : )


agree with Brazilian Girl. i think it's the whole R Pattz thing. i have nothing against him but i do hate him for making the 'i live in a dumpster in the alley look' hollywood worthy. he started the trend then it blew out of proportion. i remember when Chace was clean shaved. those were the days. where have they gone?


Brazilian Girl, I so agree with you! I adore him, but come on man, shave!


I don´t get why guys nowadays think it´s nice to look like they've just got off their beds and left the house without taking a shower nor shaving (on purpose, not by accident!)Do they think girls dig that? What girls?? Or is it just lazyness?
We girls always have to look flawless don´t we? I doubt it any guy would find an unshaved leg atractive...Sharp it up, please! I can´t wait for this messy trend to be over!!!!! Lots of hate against it in my poor little heart right now...:D LOL


"V" he is not a pot head....I dont believe any of that stuff....he is a nice catholic boy.


what is up with his hair??? lol


hes a pothead but hes still hot!


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