Clemence Poesy Cast as Eva on Gossip Girl

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Rumors of Gossip Girl casting a new French fling for Chuck Bass surfaced a few weeks ago, but now fans have a name and face to go with the already-infamous Eva.

Harry Potter actress Clemence Poesy will be casting a spell on Chuck this fall, Entertainment Weekly reports, having signed on to portray Eva for "multiple episodes."

The 27-year-old, who hails from suburban Paris in real life, will make her first appearance in the fourth season premiere, which will take place in the French capital.

Chuck's new girl is described as a warm-hearted bombshell who joins him in Paris, much to the surprise of Blair, who's been spending the summer there with Serena.

Clemence Poesy Picture

Clemence Poesy will play Eva on Gossip Girl.

Because Season 3 concluded in shocking, open-ended fashion, with Chuck shot on the streets of Prague, it's quite unclear where the producers are taking this Eva thing.

Chuck is a changed man, supposedly, but what does that even mean?

Needless to say, Eva will not be entering the Gossip Girl world with a huge fan base. How happy is Vanessa right now? People might hate someone more than her!

What do you make of the casting of Clemence Poesy - and how do think Blair will react to the fact that Chuck has a new French fling. Will that fling last? Discuss!

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it sucks for blair that she is gorgeous!
but it's totally fine because EVERYONE knows the writers will indeed have blair and chuck together again at some point
it's just a matter of when


There is nothing wow about her and she might photograph/film older than her early twenties.


and its true chuck finaly gets a girlfriend because it was always blair trying to make chuck jealous... know what i mean?
its finally time to see it the other way around, let the make up sex happen!!


shes not ugly (like vanessa/jessica), but shes a little pretty. defiently nothing like leighton. but i have a feeling this plot will be intresting. IT JUST HAS TO BE!
chair is always the end game. (i want hot and steamy scenes with chuck and blair this season, ALOT OF THEM!)
and season three was not boring with chuck and blair they were just a couple who needs to learn that they can be a hot couple too and not worry about adult issues


the actress is ok but I dont think chair was boring in season 3 ok they could have had more sexy scences togather loved their little sex games ,but their was bonding ,and tenderness ,I loved them ok the other crap was boring ,but I dont want mr. chuck bass with anyone but miss blair waldorf they belong to each, other heck no Im not gonna like her!!blair will definally be sad to see him with her, she better not be around long !!!!chair forver!!!!!!!!!!!


One FUGLY beyotch...


you guys who say you like this girl will hate this girl once you see Blair sad thinking Chuck has closed his heart for her me! And you will be hoping this girl is kicked out from the show asap :) I'm sure most people who say they look forward to see her with Chuck are the same people who complained that Chair was boring in season 3


@S: I know, right?! :D Mélanie Laurent is really beautiful, but I think Clemence Poesy is pretty too. Mélanie Laurent is way too famous for Gossip Girl though, she would never be on a show like that :)


Clemence Posey is great!!
A sophisticated and cool actress (see her in "In Bruges") she is such a wonderful addition to GG.
Really looking forward to seeing her and Chuck together :)
Hope they give her a role worthy of her acting abilities.


I will give her 3 eps max (some people are saying she'll only be on GG for 3 eps, is that right?) or else I'll probably be sending her death threaths!!
How come some people like how her character is warm hearted? that scares me actually....this type of person is actually more dangerous than a bitch thats why I would prefer if her character is a bitch!

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