Coming to V Season Two: Answers, Answers, Answers!

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While it was teetering on the edge of cancellation for a few weeks, V has officially received a reprieve from ABC and will return to the network...

... in 2011.

That's a lot of time in between seasons, but producer Scott Rosenbaum tells TV Guide viewers that stick with the sci-fi show will be rewarded with a lot of answers right up front. He said the plan for season two is to speed up storytelling, adding:

"We're going to learn why the Vs are here, all the mythology of what they're doing here, how they got here ... what they specifically want from us and how this upcoming battle is going to play out. You'll see different fronts or parts of the war begin in Season 2 - not an all-out attack, because that's not Anna's style."

The Battle Begins

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I really would like to know a specific month and day on V’s return for 2011,
I think this show is so cool compared to the Reality crap shows that are on now a days.
We need more good shows with good actors. We watch more DVD’s in our house than we do TV shows anymore. I really would like to see reality shows taken off the air, and more awesome new movies and TV shows back on the air, you know, before reality shows took over.


i wish some one could tell us when V is going to start not just 2011. they cancell knightrider and they could have cancell FAMILY GUY!!!!!!!!!


2011???!!!!.... What am supposed to do until then? At least it didnt get cancelled like alot of good shows out there that run one or two seasons and get ditched (Terminator: Sarah Conner Chronicles). Good story telling. Need to get rid of all these non-sense sitcoms especially ones that are supposedly comedies and not funny at all. Where's the "Cheer's" or the "Seinfeld" of today? Thank god for "Family Guy" or I wouldn't even watch online t.v. (being i see no point in owning one with all the B.S. thats on these days... and thats it distracting from the true nature of things, but this show is good for one reason is that there could very well be some truth lying beneath the notion. For those that aren't sure what I'm sayin then look into some David Icke or Ancient Sumerian research by the likes of Zacharia Sitchen.


I know this is not a "V" comment (and I like "V") but can anyone on your (fine) site let me know if anyone plans to review "Stargate Universe" next season? I just thought I'd ask.

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