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The girls tried to rid themselves of A's presence this week on Pretty Little Liars, but come on. Of course they failed!

As we work on our weekly recap and review of this ABC Family summer hit - and encourage fans to visit TV Fanatic first thing tomorrow morning when both will be live! - we invite fans to talk about what they just witnessed in our new Pretty Little Liars forum.

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Actually, I have a problem about this show. Except for the Jenna's accident, these girls don't really have big troubles. I mean one is gay (or bisexual), so what? another is a shoplifter but her mother knows and covers for her, so the person who can be the madest about it is aware of the situation. The third one is making out with her sister's boyfriend but the whole family knows, then, what's the big deal? And for the last one, the person the most in danger would be the teacher, not her. As for the father cheating thing, nothing extroardinary neither?
Well, they have what every teenagers go through, nothing like a big bomb. They need to bring things they cannot really talk about cause there, it's just everyday life


I'm in love with show!!! Another great episode.:)


I haven't read the books so I don't know how the story goes with Spencer and Wren...but they REALLY need to keep their sexy secret romance going...he is sooooo hot and the smartest thing they could do is keep him on the show no matter how guilty spencer's concience gets!


Pretty Little Liars Quotes

Aria: I spent a whole day running on a hamster wheel for you.
Hanna: Well I faced her, for all of us!

He's been going through girls in this school like they're Kleenex.

Aria (on Noel)