Entourage Season Seven Poster: Zzzzzz!

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Let's make a comparison of HBO shows, shall we?

True Blood returns for season three on June 13. In anticipation, the network has rolled out a bunch of posters, clips, previews and spoilers.

Meanwhile, Entourage premieres its seventh season on June 27 and, so far, it's delivered... this boring poster:

Season Seven Poster

The two shows are vastly different, of course, as True Blood has far more characters and suspenseful storylines to tease.

But that's part of the problem for Entourage. It feels like the show has stopped trying. No fresh characters or developments took place last season, and we're past the point of caring about the occasional bare breast... or anything having to do with Eric and Sloane.

We'll tune in for season seven, and review each episode in depth, don't worry. Let's just hope the presence of Sasha Grey and other guest stars spices things up for our boys. A lot.

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@M.L House:Having Seen The Season 7 Premiere.I Take Back What I Said

Matt richenthal

@Ktick007: We have multiple critics on this site. I absolutely slammed the Grey's finale in our weekly Round Table, same as I've slammed Entourage. Read the byline of each article, don't just attribute every opinion to TV Fanatic as a whole.
Thanks for reading!


What Is With This Website Being So Negative And Critical about this show..the last 2 seasons may not have been as amazing as the first 4.agreed..but their not horrible and unentertaining...and we're talking about the same website that said that the greys anatomy season finale was amazing...any idea if billy walsh makes a return this year..i think his return would be pretty fucking amazing

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Ari: Has so much cum squirt in those eyes you can't see what's right in front of your face? Amanda Daniels takes that job, Vince is fucked and I'm fucked. Which means we're all fucked. And we're fucked in the way you like to get fucked, not fucked in the way normal people like to get fucked

Mean is when I made Jess Mancini ride her bike home after I ass fucked her


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