Friday Night Lights Review, Take Two: "The Son," Revisited

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DIRECTV originally aired "The Son," the fourth episode of the fourth season of Friday Night Lights, in December. NBC showed it this week.

Simply put, it's one of the best hours of television, anchored by one of the strongest performances, you'll see all year.

If only Emmy voters paid attention to this incredible drama, Zach Gilford would earn a nod for his portrayal in this episode alone. He made viewers feel every ounce of grief Matt Saracen experienced while laying his father to rest.

And, like usual, the show itself avoided all sappy cliches and over-produced segments. It simply placed the camera alongside Matt and those around him and let us inside their mourning periods. It was powerful, moving stuff and we talked about in-depth at the time.

Read that review NOW and chime in with your thoughts on "The Son."

Matt in Mourning

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Zach Gilford has never really stood out as an actor for me until "The Son". Mainly because I can't see him as the starting QB for a high State chamion team. Jason Street looked strong enough to throw the ball down the field. However, the performance by him in this episode was the best I've ever seen on network TV by any young actor.


I cannot stop talking or thinking about the last episode. I texted one of my pals that this was the BEST episode (and all of them are great). I cried, I laughed (when Matt shut the door in those IDIOTS faces) and cried again when the coached walked Matt home. Best episode! I think I would have cried if Smash came to show his support, but per this episode he was playing football. Standing O for this one!


absolutely correct. This young man is a first-class actor. The writers gave him some great lines and he knew his craft well enough that he made them come alive in such an understated, realistic way. The entire show is among the best on television in years and years, and Zach Gilford deserves a lot of the credit.


Coach Taylor calls Laundry "Lance" cause some times he can't remember Laundry's real name.


Why did Coach Taylor call Landry "Lance" in the locker room?
This is the best show on tv and Zach should win an Emmy.


This is one of the best episode ever. Zach Gilford totally deserves an emmy award nomination, his performance in this episode is just so beautiful, espacially when he sees his father in the coffin and at the end when he is at the coach's house during the dinner scene. AMAZING SHOW !!! Love FNL !!!

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I could tell you this kid right here's got more heart than almost any person you know.

Buddy Garrity

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