Gossip Girl Spoilers: Chuck is a Changed Man, Nate Has a New Love Interest

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The fourth season premiere of Gossip Girl is just a few months away! Sorry, we know that's awhile, but we prefer to look forward than look back. Anyway, today's spoilers.

When we last left Chuck, we all know he was not in a good place physically or mentally. How will a fallen Bass emerge from the events of last month's third season finale?

Meanwhile, Nate and Serena appeared to break up, or at least take a break. Will they be back together soon? We wouldn't bet on it, based on EW's latest intel (below).

Excerpts from Michael Auseillo's spoiler Q&A today delve briefly into both of these topics:

Pensive Nathaniel

Q: Please tell me Gossip Girl is not going to play the amnesia card with Chuck next season.

A: Gossip Girl is not going to play the amnesia card with Chuck next season. But the little Bass-tard will emerge from his near-death experience "a very changed man."

Q: Any Gossip Girl scoop regarding the future of Nate and Serena? Are they really finished?

A: The fact that producers are casting a new love interest for Nate should answer that.

Who do you think Nate's new love interest will be? Are you sad it's not Serena - or do you think there's still hope for them? How has Chuck changed and how will Blair respond?

Share your comments with us below!

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I hate the stupid Chuck having a new girlfriend storyline, i just want Chair back, i miss them! Chuck should come to Paris to win Blair back, not to show his new "girlfriend", btw i hope that it's just a joke and that Chuck doesn't come back with a "girlfriend", Blair is Chucks first and real girlfriend, she is his one and only, and some stupid Eva won't ruin that! God i hate JS and SS for what they have done, Blair and Chuck should be in Paris together now, he should be proposing to her at the ET, JS and SS have destroyed everything. I just hope that they get Chair back together at the beginning of season 4.


Blair and chuck are the best part of the show. Basically the only reason I watch it!! Nate and Jenny should never ever hook up. She is young, immature and annoying. Way below gorgeous Nate. I can't believe they are even playing the Dan and serene card again. Stupid! It's gross and I think we are all sooo over those two! Serena doesn't deserve Nate but least he keeps her in check a little bit. Please get Blair and chuck together again soon!! I miss them!!!!!!!!!


sorry I disagree chuck and blair are not better apart! what the ?is wrong with ya? thier the best fricken part of that stupid gossip girl show!they do however ,have flirty ways and fight well but that doesnt meant they should be apart ,they should be togather they are soulmates meant to fricken be ,and will be in the end!!!!!!chair forever!!!!!!!!lol.


meee too. i wan`t SERENATE, SERENATE, SERENATE. dan and serena are family, i don`t know what the producers are thinking by getting them back together. that is so creepy. SERENATE


I WANT SERENATE... once again the writers screw nate characters.... no more new love interest for Nate.. he belongs to Serena.. serenate!serenate!serenate!serenate!serenate!serenate!serenate!serenate!


i like seranate . drama is good but serena and nate will have to end up together


ok so here's my hoping for season 4. first of all, chuck and blair have a little time apart, but chasing eachother, flirting, sabotaging, (basically season 2 again) BUT THEY HAVE TO GET BACK TOGETHER. the day chair break up permantly, with no hope of reconsiliation, is the day gg is dead to me!! second, jenny comes back from her mums sweet and innocent again. loved her season 1 and 2, but this season... such a B***H!!! would love to see some romantic action between her and nate, after them being a little on and off for a while. I think they'd go quite well togther. thirdly, nothing should happen between dan and serena. loved their relationship in season 1, but now they are step-brother and sister, and they share a brother, that's a little too close to insest! and finally, rufus and lily should work out their problems. they are meant to be. this is just my opinion. oh and,whoever thinks dan and blair should go together... i defo think they shouldn't. blair and dan have always hated eachother, if they got together, the whole meaning of gg is flipped, and i liked it just how it was. i can see it happening, but if it does (which i really hope it doesn't) then it should only be a one night stand.


I will be always be a Serenate fan, but I am open for a new love interest for Nate as long as it will be never Jenny or a cougar. No Jenny or cougar please! Jenny is too young for him and a cougar is way too old!


Um..........Hello??!! has evryone forgotten that chace crawford cud b goin to jail for 181 days?? that means no nate for filming in JULY!!??


Ever since I watched the first episode of Season 1, I've wanted Nate and Serena to be together. I was absolutely ecastic when I watched Season 4. I think they really should be together, afterall, Nate had said that he'd never quite been able to recover after that night 3 years ago when Serena left him. It makes sense that they should be lovers like Chuck and Blair. I firmly believe that whatever happens, Chuck and Blair are definitely not going to part. And yeah, I'm expecting Nate to turn into a bad boy, getting drunk and all, just like the old Chuck, while maybe Chuck changes for the better. And really, I think Jenny should be single. I don't really like her a lot, way too much evil in that girl. Maybe someone as tricky and scheming as Jenny should pair up with her. In the meantime I think Dan and Vanessa are just fine.

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