Gossip Girl Spoilers: Chuck is a Changed Man, Nate Has a New Love Interest

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The fourth season premiere of Gossip Girl is just a few months away! Sorry, we know that's awhile, but we prefer to look forward than look back. Anyway, today's spoilers.

When we last left Chuck, we all know he was not in a good place physically or mentally. How will a fallen Bass emerge from the events of last month's third season finale?

Meanwhile, Nate and Serena appeared to break up, or at least take a break. Will they be back together soon? We wouldn't bet on it, based on EW's latest intel (below).

Excerpts from Michael Auseillo's spoiler Q&A today delve briefly into both of these topics:

Pensive Nathaniel

Q: Please tell me Gossip Girl is not going to play the amnesia card with Chuck next season.

A: Gossip Girl is not going to play the amnesia card with Chuck next season. But the little Bass-tard will emerge from his near-death experience "a very changed man."

Q: Any Gossip Girl scoop regarding the future of Nate and Serena? Are they really finished?

A: The fact that producers are casting a new love interest for Nate should answer that.

Who do you think Nate's new love interest will be? Are you sad it's not Serena - or do you think there's still hope for them? How has Chuck changed and how will Blair respond?

Share your comments with us below!

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serenate back together.they belong together.


@ evangeline, i totally agree with you. Dan is a douche, and he also keeps jumping to one relationship to another. I hate him, please show, let he go to Haiti and stay there with Vanessa. It will be so much better without him


@Ashii Babez
So you say Nate Chuck Serena and Jenny are just swinging from one relationship to the next but Dan doesn't.
May I ask actually which show are you watching?
Dan is the only one who cheated on his girlfriend with Serena on the finale.Dan was the only one who lied his best friend about he doesn't have any feelings for Serena anymore but he wanted to go to Paris after her.
Dair fans are insanely delusional who are trying to ignore all Dan s sillyness and show him like the saint of the show.He is the moronistic of all the show.You are all fantisiesing Dan and Blair will be happy in a relationship just because you don't obviously understand Dan and Blair s characters.I advise you to analayse them before comment.


Chuck is the one who could help Blair. He knows and understands her better than anyone else, and it would be a great way to rebuild his character and their relationship. Dan and Blair as an one night stand? Yeah, I can see it happening, I wouldnt like it, but the show loves to hook up everybody with everybody. But anything more than one night together would kill all the love I have left for gg; Just no, thanks


Dan would only ruin Blair, no thanks. The day it happens, it's the day I stop watching gg. GG without the real Blair Waldorf is nothing


Am i the only one who thinks blair and dan would be perfect? He would bring her down to Earth and help her cope with all her problems like her bulemia stints and her broken heart

Nate, Chuck, Serina and Jenny all need to be alone for a while to get back onto their feet. All of them are kind of train wrecks at the moment or just swinging from one relationship to the next

Vanessa should get with dan and serina's half brother although that kind of felt like a faded version of dan to be honest
Rufus and Lily!!!! and Eric deserves someone special :D


Yep diffienately not watching season 4 : broke up my serenate and chair.....gonna find something new to watch on mondays because its not gonna be gosssip girl


P.S. Georgina is the one who needs hit by a bus. I really hope she's faking that pregnancy she has going on. It would be a disgrace for Dan to end up with her. And with Georgina, who really knows if the baby would be Dan's anyways. He's just the only one liking to do the right thing.


Little J won't end up with anyone. I read Taylor Momsen's interview where she says that her character is left out of much of the 4th season because she's touring and expanding her music. Thank goodness for that because she was getting annoying! Viewers desperately need a break from her - I hate how they made her screw everything up. First she tried Nate & Serena, almost succeeded but then when she realized it was no use, she went for Chuck.. and eventually screwed up everything that was going right for Chuck & Blair. If only Dan hadn't been so pissed! It was Jenny's fault too! Let's hope they make the epic romance come back for CHAIR.. They're amazing together. As far as Nate, probably won't happen but I loved him with Vanessa - I'm interested and excited to see his new love interest - hopefully she sticks around longer than the others. I do think they were on to something with Serenate, because their brief affair is actually why GG started and sent Serena on the search for she really was and fueled much of the series, so far. Let's hope we all get some good GG drama/love episodes this fall!! HURRY UP, September is not soon enough. xoxo,
"I'm Chuck Bass"


I think it should be: Chuck and Blair
Nate and Jenny
Dan and someone new
Serena alone
Vanessa hit by a bus My rant: Dan is annoying on the show and the only other more annoying person is Vanessa. There is a purpose for Dan on the show but Vanessa is definately an extra charater we could get rid of. She plays goody two shoes but isnt really anyway. Serena was a B this season. I understand she wanted her father back but he basically ignores her for most of her life then makes her mom think she is sick. And she doesnt see anything wrong with that? I dont think Nate was out of line. Nate does act a little too good but he was right, the guy was trying to ruin Rufus. Also, Rufus was the one who always took up for Serena and thats how she repaid him. Jenny was another person who cant see past her own self. She is out of control. However, she is the only one I feel like has sort of an excuse. She is only just 15 or 16 years old. She is allowed to act like a brat for the past 2 years. However, this season I want to see her grow up, maybe get back into design and focus on something else other than what she has been on lately. I would like to see Chuck and Blair back together. They are never boring. I would also like for Lilly and Rufus son to come back into the picture. That would be cool and Georgina to me is fine being Georgina. She is always good for spicing things up.

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