Janeane Garofalo Likely to Join Cast of Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior

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This might not silence the critics that are peeved at CBS for its decision to scale back on the screen time of two key Criminal Minds stars - but a well-known actress is coming to that show's spin-off.

As first reported by Entertainment Weekly, Janeane Garofalo is on the verge of joinng the Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior cast. She'll play an agent under the command of Forest Whitaker's lead character, who was introduced earlier this season.

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A comedian, Garofalo has established her dramatic acting chops on such hits as The West Wing and 24.

She'll join Beau Garrett as the two main female agents on this upcoming spin-off.

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I agree. When you have a winning formula, you don't mess with it. At least TPTB have managed to rethink their decision and keep Paget. She is an integral part of CM. She has a solid relationship with her co-stars and there is plenty of room to explore her character in more detail. No offense to JG, but she (IMO) would not be a good choice for CM. She's too well known and her persona is too strong. One of the things I love about this show is the cohesive feeling amongst the BAU team. It goes beyond the working relationship to something more akin to family. Replacing cast members repeatedly disrupts that connection. We the viewers no sooner get to know a character before he/she is yanked off and replaced. CM producers, please reconsider your choices. New is not always better.


Ill make it short. Why do these fools in charge make changes that make NO SENSE ? When something is going as good as Criminal Minds (isn't that why they are doing the spinoff?) why mess with it? Those in charge are stupid. Look how good NCIS does with their "family", which is what CM seems to have, or even go back as far as the original Star Trek; it had a great cast, good stories, loved by millions....but they took it off. Same mentality as those today. Ignore the viewers. I will not be watching the spinoff because I resent what has happened.


this makes no sence to me, why would u drop Aj to just add another femail. this will make vewiers drop like flies. Aj and apprentice are the main femail characters what are u thinking.Just keep aj and apprentice and drop the newbie.AJ is doing a fine job why reck it


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the good thing about flying at 2am, is no traffic at the airport.


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Simms: I killed a guy like you once, it wasn't as much fun as I thought it would be.