Jessica Szohr Attends MuchMusic Video Awards

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Gossip Girl star Jessica Szohr looked gorgeous as always at the MuchMusic Video Awards in Toronto last night. What do you think of her dress? Fashion hit or miss?

The actress, who spoke last week about hoping for a Danessa reunion on Gossip Girl next season, will be starring in a new romantic comedy, Love, Wedding, Marriage.

Kellan Lutz and Mandy Moore are also on board for the upcoming project, for which Jessica admits she had difficulty, since she comes from the world of television.

Jessica at the MMVAs

“That was really challenging for me, because I’ve never done a romantic comedy before,” she said. “Kellan and I have known each other, young Hollywood is very small."

"A lot of the time, you have met or have been friends with people before you work with them. It was cool to work with him, as he plays my brother-in-law, and Mandy is my sister."

Jessica also says that despite her love for GG, she is really interested in starring in more movies. “I would love to do more films - working on films is really fun and interesting."

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Loving the dress!


shes ugly......
so that dress is perfect for her...


EW! Hate her, hate the dress. It reminds me of the fugly thing she wore to Bart & Lily's wedding. Why hasn't she been killed off or sent to boot camp with Georgina yet?!?


Whenever I see her all I can think is of fingernails scraping against a blackboard. It's that same feeling.


i agree with tired of people trying to make her looking aglee ,bad person and actress!she is the most gorgeous girl in the cast and she can act!


What stylist did she make angry enough to put her in that dress? Yuck.


TV fanatic always have way of finding the worst photo for her. I seen pictures of her at this event and they are much better than this one.
I like the dress on her. Jess is beautiful and everyone who don't know Jess has been putting herself out there more and actually I think the attention she is getting has to do with P3D which I think she is promoting more now and she snagged another OP campaign but tv fanatic of course is late with everything.


not a huge fan of the dress; the design is a bit odd but I think she pulled it off okay. luv Jessica Szohr. she's awesome! stop hating on her!


love the dress
hate the person


This dress is such a miss. Gosh I hate her. So glad Vanessa is off the show for a little while.

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