Leaked Script Reveals Undercovers Spoilers from Pilot Episode

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Undercovers isn't just coming to NBC in the fall.

It's debuting on the network as one of TV's most anticipated shows, and for good reason: it's the first small screen project from J.J. Abrams since Fringe.

Undercovers Pilot Pic

We've already given readers a sneak peek at the pilot episode of this spy dramedy, but now we can reveal a few more teases and spoilers. How come? It's premiere script has actually been leaked online, revealing the following tidbits...

  • We first meet main characters Samantha and Steven Bloom as they prepare for a wedding. These retired spies are married and own a floundering catering business. She's the chef, he's the business man.
  • Samantha's slacker sister, Lizzy (Jessica Parker Kennedy), also works for the company.
  • We meet Gerald McRaney's Carlton Shaw. A cynical CIA agent, he's worked for the agency for over 30 years and is described in the script as a guy who "could gut you faster than you could soft-boil an egg." At the conclusion of the pilot, he asks Samantha and Steven to join the spy business again.
  • The ongoing storyline involves Operation Black Swan. It's explained as: "An ongoing mission to find and capture Alexander Slotsky," a weapons dealer on the blackmarket.
  • The Blooms own a dog named Waldorf.

So... there you have it. Do these nuggets make it more or less likely you'll give Undercovers a chance?

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I just love the whole idea. I liked Mr. and Ms Smith and it seems it will be something in the genre. Action+comedy+romance: you have it all.
I will definitely watch it!
I will probably stop sleeping next year because of all the shows I want to watch:)))