Leighton Meester Films (Movie) in Europe

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Before long, Gossip Girl star Leighton Meester will be filming the first few episodes of the show's fourth season in Paris along with co-stars Blake Lively and Ed Westwick.

She may not have to travel far.

In the photo below, the 24-year-old actress shares a hug with co-star Selena Gomez as they hang out on the set of their new movie, Monte Carlo, in Budapest, Hungary.

The duo were joined by fellow co-star Katie Cassidy of Melrose Place fame ...

Leighton, Selena and Katie

Monte Carlo tells the story of a girl mistaken for a British heiress (Gomez), which leads to her best friend and stepsister-to-be flying to Monte Carlo for a charity event.

Things go haywire, however, when a million dollar necklace goes missing and the three need to recover it quickly. Sounds like an appropriate plot for a Gossip Girl star!

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selena is the best product that disney has manufactured. i mean, compared to LiLo and Miley, selena behaves like an angel!


well certainly there's a problem if someone compare leighton to jessica. it's not even a fair comparison. lol.
jess is fugly.


is this some disney channel s**t, sounds like crap


OMG, what's up with the Leighton/Jessica discussion? I personally don't like Jessica, but don't people have the right to think she's pretty?


how can you say that about leighton you r an a**whole! leighton is soooooooo gorgous!
leighton rocks!

Melanie xo

I think it sounds interesting!


hmm.. selena as GG guest star?
as what?
blair's followers?
she's way too young. lol.
aww they looked cute in the picture. love leighton and selena.


This looks like a really cute sweet movie. I love both Leighton and Selena. Actually Selena would make a good Gossip Girl guest star. Producers, are you listening? :)


Love Leighton. Love Katie. Selena is the ONLY Disney star I like (plus she was named after the GREAT SELENA so i cant hate her, lol), so i am really looking forward to this movie.


what's wrong with all of gomez hate? i think she is the only one disney star i can tolerate. she is very well behave i should say. unlike miley cyrus. and i think she is very cute with leighton.
this movie is gonna be great !


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