Lie to Me Review: "Sweet Sixteen"

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Warning, bad pun ahead:

The Lie to Me episode "Sweet Sixteen" got off to a real bang. We got to learn a bit about how Cal and Gillian met and received great insight into why Cal does what he does now. 

As always, the writing kept me guessing through the entire episode. Angus Macfadyen as Jimmy Doyle was absolutely amazing. His presence was such that I totally believed that a man as confident as Cal Lightman could be afraid of him. There are not many actors that could have been put in that role and have succeeded so well.

The scene in the garage where Doyle walked up to Cal was so amazingly well done in their body language alone. Cal had his head bent down and away while Doyle was standing tall and confident. To really see how the body language impacted this scene, watch it again without the sound on.

Move, Eli!

I had hoped that Doyle and Lightman would end the episode a bit close to each other. Of course, this show mirrors a bit more of real life in that Doyle walked away still hating Lightman, but feeling he had paid for his part in his wife and daughter's death. I guess that is all I could really have asked for.

Further, I loved seeing a glimpse into Cal and Gillian’s past. How they met, how far they have come. The episode even answered a question I asked last week: is Cal was infallible? The answer is that while his readings are not wrong, what is done with the information he gathers could be used wrongly.

Finally, the only part of the episode that really felt disconnected or off, was the scene where Cal meets the man in the shadows to get the last of the disk and Doyle confronts the man. It seemed like they were running out of time so they decided to “off stage” have Cal get the information from Prosser on how to contact Finch. Plus, he contacted Finch to setup a meeting, and Finch does not wonder how he got his info.

We went to commercial with Prosser confessing and came back to Cal Meeting the hooded figure again. It really took me a minute to figure out the jump in the story there. However, given how good the overall writing was, I can forgive a tiny hiccup in writing, editing, or timing, whichever is to blame.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Did you like seeing Cal Lightman as more afraid than usual? Do you think there will be other skeletons in his closet that will come out to haunt him? Comment away. Share your thoughts.


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i've been looking forward to this episode ever since i've read it's going to be about their past, and that part wasn't dissapointing. but i've looked for reviews to get one thing straight, but nobody mentioned it - loker. i really like him,he's totally adorable character, but his reaction seemed pretty off to me. i didn't like it at all. that agression and self-centeredness (sorry, english isn't my native tongue, i'm not sure if that is a word at all, but hopefully you'll get what i mean) in that scene when Cal and Foster went into the office to talk and he came in and said something like "you can't talk about me" when they weren't talking about him at all... i mean,ok, natural that he was in shock, and wanted to know what was happening, but it was all a bit overdamatical, wasn't it?


The last scene with Cal and Gillian was good but was her one sentence meant to be repeated over and over for the viewers benefit while they carried on talking to each other? Was it to cover the last few things they said to each other? I wish I could lip read! Anyone know what they said to each other while her sentence was repeated?


P.S. I LOVE that Irish accent!!


Totally agree with your review, even agree on your take on the final scene with Finch. Loved the acting, they were all amazing and yeah, Angus Macfadyen pulled it off incredibly. I held my breath when he shaked hands with Emily!!


Maybe it was just me, but I had a terrible time following what was going on for entire scenes. Huge fan of Roth and this show, but this episode was off for my wife and I. (Both in our early 20s btw).


A good episode as always, but that irish accent on Doyle is terrible, not like the belfast accent at all


Thanks for the absolutely spot-on and glowing review for Sweet Sixteen! I loved the episode, too. What I like most about Lie to Me is it makes you think and keeps you guessing! It just keeps getting better and better! Ratings were up 11% this week, so that's saying something! :)

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Go ahead Gillian Say it. Doyle's back, he killed Andrews and I am next.

Cal Lightman

Jimmy Doyle: I didn't kill Andrews, I only followed him.
Cal Lightman: Well then, the person who did it wanted us to think you did.